Company History


ARMS Reliability was created in 1995 in response to a growing demand for 'proactive' asset management.

In the early 1990s, many companies around the world started to question the traditional model of asset management. These companies were spending a lot of money on things like condition monitoring and lubrication; and they were reacting to problems rather than proactively trying to avoid problems.

ARMS Reliability was founded in August 1995 to address this issue. From the outset, we have helped companies shift from a reactive to proactive mode of asset management.

Since those early days ARMS Reliability has gained an international reputation for reliability engineering services that deliver positive outcomes. We work with some of the major players across a range of industries - global companies that trust us to deliver proven results.

Our consulting services, software and training are geared towards empowering companies to adopt proactive maintenance practices that result in bottom line benefits, are more efficient, and provide a knowledge base that can be built on and improved.



ARMS Reliability Engineers opens in Ocean Grove, Victoria
1997 ARMS Reliability becomes a distributor for Isograph software and Mick Drew is accredited by Dean Gano to teach the Apollo Root Cause Analysis methodology
2000 ARMS Reliability gain a license to sell Isograph Ltd RAMS software in North America
2001 New office in Canada to provide RCM services for its thriving aluminium industry
2003 ARMS Reliability become corporate sponsors of the Maintenance Engineering Society Australia, and executive members of the Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professionals
2003 New office in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
2004 ARMS Reliability shift from sole-ownership to a partnership, and our new operational entity is formed: ARMS Reliability International
2005 ARMS Reliability Engineers LLC is created to provide RAMS tools for mining and industrial processes
2009 ARMS Reliability change our business name to ARMS Reliability; our North American office relocates to Austin, Texas
2010 New office in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
2011 New office in Johannesburg, South Africa
2012 Apollonian grants ARMS Reliability global rights to provide training in the use of Apollonian's Apollo Root Cause Analysis methodology
2012 New office just outside Manchester, UK
2014 New office in Calgary, Canada