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Owned by the South Australian Government, SA Water provides world class water services to more than 1.6 million South Australian customers. They provide safe, clean drinking water, and once this water has been used, remove the waste and treat it to ensure the best outcomes for your health, and to reduce environmental impact.

SA Water has a very long history. Though the corporation has only existed since 1994, their history can be traced back to 1856 - just 20 years after South Australia was settled.

Over the years we have completed many projects for SA Water. These projects have included reliability modeling, performing FMEA analysis and developing hierarchies based on process & function.

More recently, SA Water engaged ARMS Reliability to assist with a segment of their corporate Asset Management Improvement Project.  This project involved amalgamating data from a number of sources and bulk uploading of optimal maintenance strategies into their enterprise asset management system.  In combination with SA Water Asset team, the process was mapped and streamlined to effectively half the estimated project duration. 

"We have been pleased with the timely and efficient delivery of the project goals. Working in collaboration with ARMS Reliability, we have seen significant time and cost savings."

Nima Gorjian Jolfaei, Lead Asset Planner, SA Water


Industry: Water Utilities

Location: South Australia

Solutions: Maintenance Strategy Optimization