Powerful simulation software for proactive asset management

Improve performance and cut costs 

Isograph's Availability Workbench™ is a powerful, integrated software package that combines Reliability Centered Maintenance, Availability Simulation, Failure Data analysis, Process Reliability and Life Cycle Costing products into a single platform.

Used by asset-intensive companies worldwide, Availability Workbench software delivers everyday reliability analysis, as well as more in-depth Reliability, Availability, Maintainability & Safety (RAMS) analysis on each phase of a large project.

Availability Workbench will quickly become an invaluable tool in your corporate decision-making process, delivering continuous improvement of your preventive maintenance strategies, spares holdings and system availability. By doing so, it helps you reap significant savings.


Availability Workbench™ helps you answer the questions: 

  • Is planned maintenance cost effective? How often should it be performed?
  • What is the optimum level of spares to be held on-site and at a depot?
  • How can labor and equipment usage be improved?
  • How can buffers best be employed to maintain capacity?
  • How can risk be reduced?
  • What are the likely life cycle costs?
  • What is the best frequency for performing major overhauls?
  • How do aging assets affect life cycle costs?


Availability Workbench provides a core set of tools to help you make the best asset maintenance decisions.

Powerful Simulation

Use sophisticated Monte Carlo simulation to model complex redundancies, failure characteristics, aging and component dependencies which cannot be modeled using standard analytical techniques.

Performance Prediction

Pair the powerful simulation with your existing plant data to identify critical failure modes. Develop optimal maintenance strategies based on real data and reliability centered maintenance techniques.

Future Planning

Forecast your budget for planned and unplanned maintenance as well as spare parts holding levels, labor, and equipment usage.

Advanced Integrations

Eliminate the need to transfer data. With Availability Workbench, it’s done automatically – and also links to your corporate ERP systems, databases and CMMS software.

A Living Program

Easily update models with the most recent data from your CMMS so that they continually evolve. 

Aligned to Industry Standards

RCM standards are supported with a structured method for entering FMECA data and simulating the effects of different maintenance strategies. 

With Availability Workbench™ you can:

Qualify and justify decisions

By simulating scenarios over a lifetime, you gain confidence in the maintenance decisions you make.


Meet safety, environmental, and operational goals

Establish, validate or measure operational targets. Identify systemic issues and their impact. And better manage your maintenance strategy to prevent undesirable events.


Minimize costs

See where your maintenance budget is being spent and hone in on biggest cost contributors.


Improve productivity

Availability Workbench allows for the rapid creation of new models for similar pieces of equipment; and has an intuitive drag and drop interface built on the familiar Microsoft framework.

Availability Workbench™, Reliability Workbench™, FaultTree+™, and Hazop+™ are trademarks of Isograph Limited, the author and owner of products bearing these marks. ARMS Reliability is an authorised distributor of those products, and a trainer in respect of their use.

Without ARMS Reliability and Availability Workbench™, our asset management program would have failed years ago and never made an impact on how we manage our assets.

Rodney Pickett, Asset Management Engineer
Avista Utilities