Analyze and predict plant availability, capacity, and reliability

AvSim+ module is used to analyze your system using an efficient Monte Carlo simulation process to provide availability, capacity and reliability parameters, life cycle costs, importance rankings etc. The tool helps you optimize spare holdings and planned maintenance intervals. 

AvSim+ provides a realistic prediction of plan performance given your assets, operational context, maintenance strategies and resource logistics. AvSim+ can account for duty and standby relationships, surge and buffer capability, asset aging, multiple levels of redundancy, and complex materials logistic supply arrangements.

AvSim+ is built upon the accepted Reliability Block Diagram (RBD) logic and extends it to account for capacity and complex consequence assignments. All AvSim+ information and data may be reported in standard (or custom) graphs and text reports or exported to your database or Microsoft applications.




Powerful Simulation

The proven Monte Carlo simulation process powers the AvSim+ module to analyze complex and dependent systems and enable the optimization of your reliability, system performance, and maintenance strategy. Model any size fleet or asset including the reliability and maintenance characteristics and forecast sustainable production levels, cost to maintain, and cost of lost production due to downtime.

Reliability Block Diagram or Fault Tree

Create a Reliability Block Diagram (RBD) or Fault Tree to represent the system logic to model all the variables throughout the project process and validate the capacity, identify bottlenecks and critical areas.

High Level System Model

The simulator enables AvSim+ to model complex redundancies, common failures, aging and component dependencies which cannot be modeled using standard analytical techniques. The model can be constructed for any level of detail and also built up over the life of a project or as data becomes available.

Weibull Analysis

Analyze historical data using Weibull Analysis to characterize failure and repair data from your ERP/CMMS. Use simulation to model system performance and optimize spare holdings. Simulate the effects of design and operational changes. Results include plant capacity, availability, and costs.

With AvSim+ you can: 

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Forecast system performance

Particularly applicable at the early stages of a project, AvSim+ can be used to determine the likely system availability based on proposed system design and typical equipment performance characteristics. The RBD model can become an evolving model, as the design refines and specific data becomes available, the model can be further developed or updated to reflect new thinking or information to assess the impact on the performance predictions.

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Determine capacity

There are many options to be considered in new project design, including equipment sizing, multiple parallel streams, intermediate stockpiles, and buffers, catch up capacity, workarounds, standby arrangements. There are therefore many dependencies to consider such as power supply, steam and utilities, relief systems, material transport, load in stations, load out stations, cleaning processes, regeneration requirements, and statutory regulations for inspection. Perhaps one of the greatest dependencies is that on the reliability and maintainability of equipment. With many variables, a clear understanding of the availability of the plant and its capacity to produce is an important consideration throughout the entire Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) process.

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Optimize outages

AvSim+ helps you to determine whether shutdowns can be performed online, or with partial shutdown versus total plant outage. Sometimes infrastructure may dictate a total outage of a plant. If so, it is important to align other shutdown needs to be performed at the same time. AvSim+ model can be used to evaluate alternative outage strategies and alignments.

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Identify and quantify bottlenecks

AvSim+ RBD models can be constructed for existing systems and populated with real performance data for each element. The AvSim+ importance analysis will then quantify the impact of each element on the overall systems performance. These importance models ensure that improvement initiatives are targeted to the appropriate elements and can be sued to evaluate the potential improvements in system performance given individual element improvement. 

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