Connect your CMMS to Availability Workbench to use your maintenance history data and advanced reliability simulation for real-time decision-making.


SAP Portal

  • Highlight new maintenance strategies that are ready to load to the CMMS
  • Determine whether tasks in the CMMS have been changed and are different to the ones in Isograph's Availability Workbench™
  • Record changes and reasons for change when they are made
  • Create detailed and customized work instruction documents in Word or PDF format
  • Display existing maintenance strategies in CMMS. Enterprise Reliability Portal 10

Upload Maintenance Plans

The ERP has a maintenance plan module where it transforms the optimized maintenance strategy developed in RCMCost and electronically loads it to the CMMS.

Analyze Plant Performance

The analytics module of Isograph's Availability Workbench™ software is the online interface to the CMMS, enabling a portal to the maintenance history captured. This module uses a drill-down graphical display to allow the user to assess plant performance and analyze areas where improvement can be made to initiate decision making in the reliability tools.

Handle Master Data 

The ERP can transfer the data from the RAMS models to setup and configure the CMMS system. In a new plant or procured piece of equipment, a RAMS study should be performed to justify the amount of equipment, amount of redundancy, risk and optimal maintenance strategy. The information used in these studies is transferred directly to the CMMS for the operational phase of that plant or equipment to ensure data alignment between strategy and work management.

Build RAMS Models

Where there is existing data in the CMMS, it can be used to build a RAMS model, utilizing the ERP to extract the necessary information to map to the Availability Workbench™ tables and fields. This process minimizes time spent in data entry, freeing up engineers to focus more on analysis.



Isograph's Availability Workbench™ allows you to download and analyze MAXIMO work orders, providing real failure data for use in your RCM optimization. Once you've optimized your maintenance plans you can upload these straight to MAXIMO. You can configure your MAXIMO master data directly from the data contained within an existing project.

Upload Master Data to MAXIMO

The Upload Master Data to MAXIMO tab of the MAXIMO Portal enables users to view the functional location and asset data originating from the RCM module of Availability Workbench™ and upload all or part of that data to MAXIMO.

Download Master Data to Availability Workbench™

The Download Master Data to Availability Workbench™ tab of the MAXIMO Portal enables users to view the functional location and asset data originating from your MAXIMO system and download all or part of that data to the RCM module. You may also download failure classes, labor categories and maintenance plans.

Update maintenance plans in MAXIMO

MAXIMO maintenance plans directly correspond to Availability Workbench™ task groups. The Maintenance Plans tab of the MAXIMO Portal enables users to view Reliability Centered Maintenance plans (task groups) originating from Availability Workbench™ and upload all or a selection of these plans to MAXIMO. This facility may be used to create new maintenance plans or modify existing plans.

Analyze MAXIMO failure data

The Analytics tab of the MAXIMO Portal enables users to analyze work orders in the connected MAXIMO system and download historical failure data into Availability Workbench™ Weibull sets.

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