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The Process Reliability module of Availability Workbench™ analyzes daily plant production data to distinguish between systematic production losses and reliability losses. The method allows users to quickly analyze whether a production process is efficient and distinguish reliability losses from production losses.

The Process Reliability module allows production data to be compared from different plants or different time periods. Production data may also be transferred from simulated production profiles created from within the AvSim+ module. This allows production data from potential plant improvements to be compared with existing production data.



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Multiple process reliability sets

Any number of process reliability plots can be defined, analyzed and then compared on a single plot. Comparing data sets can be used to drive improvement through identification of good performing systems and key operational and maintenance strategies.

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Cause analysis

The process reliability module allows each entry to be attributed to a cause code. These cause codes can then be used across all data sets to identify system and regular causes of loss.

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Comparision to simulated process data

A process reliability data set can be generated from the AvSim+ module. The AvSim+ model would typically represent the expected behavior of one or more improvement initiatives. This allows current behavior, based on actual production data to be compared to predicted data on the basis of improvements to establish the effectiveness and support the business case.

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