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OCEAN GROVE, VICTORIA —ARMS Reliability announces the next evolution of OnePM® which introduces several new features to provide customers with a fully integrated Asset Strategy Management (ASM) capability. These include embedded features for integrity and inspection management, as well as the capability to deploy and manage Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) intervals.

Current customers upgrading to OnePM 6.0 will also benefit from greater speed and flexibility in leveraging their data across their organizations.

Key features of OnePM 6.0 include:

  • Integrity Management - Automated rules have been built into OnePM to drive processes like asset and risk assessments and ensure strategies are updated as conditions change
  • Inspection Management - Field inspections can now be completed directly in OnePM, closing the loop between strategy and execution and reducing data entry 
  • Enhanced Defect Elimination and Risk Management functionality - OnePM 6.0  stores and prioritizes events and/or risk data to help customers focus their efforts and maximize value
  • Best practice templates - Customers will benefit from ARMS Reliability’ extensive engineering and consulting expertise by using best practice templates for activities like criticality assessments and task packaging
  • Expanded continuous improvement capabilities - By connecting to different data systems, OnePM 6.0 will help customers leverage information like work order history to drive continuous improvement of strategies

“With this latest release of OnePM, we’re bringing together everything customers need to manage their asset strategy management process, from end to end.  This includes more data and automation to ensure reliability strategies are continually optimized to deliver the required performance,” said Jason Apps, CEO of ARMS Reliability.

OnePM 6.0 is currently being piloted with general availability planned for Q1 2020.

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