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The Apollo Root Cause Analysis methodology is a 4-stage process that provides a new way of thinking and goes far beyond the traditional root cause analysis problem-solving processes.

It facilitates the creation of a common reality, using input from all stakeholders to produce an evidence-based understanding of the problem and ensures your solutions address proven causes and prevents recurrence. It makes problem-solving easy and gives those who have been trained in the skills to solve real-world problems faster, more efficiently and effectively at any time.

This video will explain: 

  • The four steps of effective problem solving
  • Key principles of the Apollo Root Cause Analysis methodology
  • How to construct a cause-and-effect chart
  • The importance of using causal language
  • How to identify, select, and implement the best solutions

Video Length: 46 minutes 26 seconds

The Apollo Root Cause Analysis™ methodology and RealityCharting® software help resolve some of our most complex and longest running aerospace production and engineering problems. The solutions, delivered by ARMS Reliability, provided the structure and framework that helped me hone, and perfect my critical thinking and problem solving skills, taking my effectiveness to the next level.

Jennifer MacKay, RCA Technical Principal
The Boeing Company