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Make higher value decisions. Improve performance. Manage risk.

Investment planning is a complex balancing act of deciding which investments to complete given the practical, performance and cost constraints in place. Quite simply, to derive maximum value with the resources you have, a consistent value framework is required, supported by time-based optimization.


Are you experiencing any of these problems?

  • Investment decisions are based on a prioritization not optimization
  • Investment decisions seem subjective
  • Investment decisions don’t have any common basis for comparison
  • The Investment decision and planning process is unstructured and inconsistent
  • Unable to justify planned asset expenditures to external stakeholders

Asset Investment Planning and Management (AIPM) is a best practice in asset management that embodies the key principles of ISO 55000. Using a structured investment value framework, you are able to evaluate investments and their associated risk mitigation and/or benefit realization. Utilizing a time based method, accounting for risk, benefits and degradation, a true optimization process supports the time shifting of potential investments to deliver not just the best investments, but the best investment implementation plan.

How ARMS Reliability Helps

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Optimize portfolios of investments

Develop an investment plan that delivers the most value, fits in your budget, can be carried out with your available resources, meets your service level commitments, and helps your organization attain its strategic objectives. 

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Effectively manage performance

Manage investments from concept to execution. Stay on top of your changing business environment, understand variances between actual performance and your plan, and continuously adapt to drive the highest level of performance. 

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Predict long-term asset needs

Use analytics to forecast asset sustainment needs based on risk and economics. Create long-term investment strategy that maximises business value while proactively managing risk. 

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Justify plans to key stakeholders

Use data and analytics to objectively demonstrate the business consequences of reducing - or increasing - your capital investment or maintenance budgets over the next five, ten, or even twenty years into the future.

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Align to ISO 55000 Standards

The ISO 55000 international standard describes best practices in asset management to help organizations realize the maximum value from their assets. Copperleaf™ AIPM is highly aligned with this standard and provides a collaborative and controlled environment for value-based decision making. 

Discover Copperleaf C55™

Copperleaf C55™, Asset Investment Planning solution, enables you to make the best investment decisions in your critical infrastructure.

Discover C55™

The solution - delivered by ARMS Reliability - supports our business as it is designed specifically for the complexity found in asset management. It is particularly useful because it can handle the high volume of assets we manage.

Other stand-out features include its ability to provide a long-term strategic view of investment needs; its ability to optimise investment portfolios to multiple constraints; and to model multiple alternatives for each investment and the risks in our asset base.

Adam Causley, Manager Network Strategy & Risk
Essential Energy