ARMS Reliability is now a part of Bently Nevada. This is a Bently Nevada run course.

Learning Objectives

  • Manage alarms and generate diagnostic reports with actionable information
  • Configure and manage alarm setpoints with statistical tools
  • Verify transient and steady-state data using various types of plots, analyze, and visualize data to report on machine health and determine appropriate actions
  • Maintain healthy S1 databases to ensure operational efficiency


  • Introduction to S1 & S1 reports
  • Navigating the workplace
  • Creating preferences
  • Using notes, plot sets, case histories
  • Creating and using machine audit files
  • Display and manipulate trends, spectra, orbit, and time base plots
  • Manipulating/Creating measurement setpoints
  • Condition monitoring alarms, alarm management
  • Database health and management
  • Steady-state and transient data verification
  • How to define and capture transient events during machine shutdown
  • Manual trended variables and setpoints
  • 3500 data collection


Course Information

Audience arrow icon

System 1 platform users / ADRE 408 users, Reliability engineers / Condition monitoring engineers or involved in preventive maintenance

Delivery Options arrow icon

Face-to-face in classroom

Duration arrow icon

21 hours