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How to Develop Quantified (and Justified) Maintenance Strategies

This webinar will show you how to develop or improve your equipment maintenance strategies so you can be confident that you are doing the right maintenance on the right equipment at the right time to achieve the desired output. It will also introduce the concept of asset strategy management (ASM). 


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Conducting Root Cause Analysis Using the Apollo Root Cause Analysis Methodology

This webinar will provide an overview/refresher of the principles and process of the Apollo Root Cause Analysis methodology, and tips to achieve a successful result. 


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An Introduction to the Apollo Root Cause Analysis Methodology

This webinar provides an introduction to the Apollo Root Cause Analysis methodology and covers how to define the problem, identify the causal relationships, identify the most effective solutions, and how to properly implement and track those solutions. 


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Skills Required to Become an RCA Super User

This webinar is intended for those who have been previously trained in the Apollo Root Cause Analysis methodology and provides an overview of some of the key skills and knowledge needed to take your facilitation abilities to the next level.  


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How to Create a Spare Parts Holding List with Confidence

If your organization is like most, you probably run into trouble when it comes to having the right spares on hand.  This webinar will describe the optimal process for identifying all spare parts required to ensure reliability of the operation.


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Harnessing Technology, Innovation and Big Data to Reshape Asset Strategy Management and Unlock Unrealized Value

The age of digital transformation in asset management brings exponentially more data. Explore how asset strategy management harnesses data driven insight to create the constant evolution of asset strategies. Dynamic and intelligent asset strategies deliver predictable performance across an entire asset base to realise real value. 


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Predicting The Future: How to Achieve Optimal Spare Parts Holding Levels

Which parts to hold and how many of them can often be the $20 million questionl. It is not a simple undertaking to calculate these figures. An understanding of unit cost, frequency of requirement, impact of delay, and logistic delays at each storage stage must all be considered.


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RCM Best Practices: Making Quantifiable Decisions 

Reliability Centered Maintenance requires a detailed level of analysis to drill down to understand the likely failure modes, their effects and to choose the optimum combination of tasks that will make up the maintenance plan. This webinar will help you answer the question:  Are we doing the right maintenance on the right equipment at the right time to achieve the desired outputs?


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8 Key Elements of a Sustainable RCA Program

Have you spent a lot of money training personnel on RCA and not gotten the ROI you desired? So many organizations put a program in place only to find our that over time it slowly fades away. This webinar reveals the common reasons why RCA programs get stuck in a rut and proposes a strategy to ensure your RCA program delivers value.