ARMS Reliability is now a part of Bently Nevada. This is a Bently Nevada run course.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain how the fundamentals of machine design and behavior are reflected in the vibration measurements.
  • Reduce machine vibration data into usable plot formats. Explain which plot formats are best to use in the different stages of machine diagnostics.
  • Describe the causes, effects, and indicators of the typical machine malfunctions; including recognition of problems such as unbalance, misalignment, rubs, shaft cracks, and fluid-induced instabilities.


Day 1
  • Introduction to Machinery Management & Diagnostics
  • Phase Measurements
  • Steady State Data Formats
Day 2
  • Fundamental Synchronous Rotor Response
  • Single Plane Balance Response
  • Transient Data Formats
Day 3
  • Plot Interpretation
  • Multiplane Balance Response
  • Partial Radial Rubs
Day 4
  • Preloads and Radial Position Measurements
  • Vibration Types and Resonances
  • Fluid-Induced Instabilities
Day 5
  • Shaft Crack Detection
  • Case History Workshop

Course Information

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40 hours

Delivery Options arrow icon
  • Face-to-face in classroom

Audience arrow icon
  • Engineers who interpret machine vibration and position data to determine machine condition
  • Engineers involved in the design, acceptance testing, and maintenance of rotating machinery
  • Engineers who want to learn about machinery vibration diagnostics

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