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Course Overview

This workshop provides an understanding of the applicable methods for evaluating and improving system performance and to understand the important considerations in performing system analysis using failure rate data and failure behavior parameters.

Course Key Learning

  • Know how to determine system level availability, maximum plant capacity MTBF and MTTR
  • Assess the impact of individual equipment reliability issues and maintenance actions on the system performance
  • Understand the role of failure data, how they can use it, why it is worth collecting
  • Drive behaviors and focus from past KPI measures to forward prediction and decision-making

Course Modules

  • Introduction to Reliability analysis methods
  • Network and system analysis using Reliability Block Diagrams
  • Sources of failure rate data
  • System MTBF and downtime predictions
  • Identifying the important equipment that drives a system performance
  • The influence of failure behavior over a full lifecycle
  • Where to find failure behavior parameters
  • Understanding the role of failure modes on system performance
  • Predicting plant capacity
  • Continuous evaluation and optimization


What is the duration of the course? arrow icon

The duration of the course is 15 hours total. For virtual deliver, the course material will be delivered over 3 days, 5 hours per day. 

Who should attend? arrow icon
  • Asset Performance Managers                                
  • Asset Managers
  • Reliability Engineers

Industries that will benefit arrow icon
  • Oil and Gas
  • Mining
  • Transport
  • Automotive
  • Energy
  • Manufacturing Plant
  • Repetitive Manufacturing
  • Utilities

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