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Course Overview

As companies increasingly require their processes and data to be interconnected, and highly automated, this course covers how maintenance strategies can become digitally optimized and how they can be the foundation of the broader asset management process. The traditional RCM process has evolved, whereby existing knowledge data can be used to optimize reliability strategies and then effortlessly deployed to the EAM system. Strategies are dynamic and can be continuously updated through better digital governance.

This digital maintenance approach ensures that reliability strategy decisions (what you choose to do) and the reliability strategy content (how and why you choose to do it) remains optimal and implemented on all assets, all the time.

Course Key Learning

  • Understand the reliability strategy foundations of Asset Strategy Management (ASM)
  • Learn the Three Phases of Asset Strategy Management: Build, Deploy, Sustain
  • Learn the key elements to develop an effective reliability strategy from first principles
  • Gain understanding that developing maintenance strategies is a process, not a project
  • Learn how to compare, analyze and test your maintenance plans to ensure you are implementing the most optimal strategy to deliver higher reliability at lowest cost
  • Understand how to deliver successful outcomes and meet business objectives through quantifying and calculating business benefits and risk reduction
  • Leverage powerful reliability software to optimize your plans in a simulated environment

Course Modules

  • Industry 4.0 and the Digitization of Processes
  • Introduction to Asset Strategy Management (ASM)
  • Elements of Reliability Strategy across the Asset Life Cycle
  • The Three Phases of ASM – Build
  • Communicating the Value of Maintenance Strategy Optimization
  • Connected Reliability Strategies
  • Weibull Analysis
  • Choosing Maintenance Tasks
  • Maintenance Optimization
  • Hidden Failures
  • Problem Reporting
  • The Three Phases of ASM - Deploy
  • The Three Phases of ASM - Sustain


Course delivery options arrow icon

Virtual, instructor-led delivery or in person classroom options available to deliver 15 hours of course content.

What is the duration of the course? arrow icon

The course duration is 2 day in class room, or 15 hours virtual delivery.

Who should attend? arrow icon
  • RCM team members
  • Reliability engineers
  • Project engineers
  • Maintenance analysts
  • Maintenance superintendents
  • Design engineers
  • Plant Performance engineers

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