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Course Overview

This advanced course will teach you how to deal with a variety of RCM study scenarios. Using real-world RCM studies, you will learn how to adapt RCMCost™ for various RCM project boundary situations. In the hands-on course, you will become proficient at using RCMCost™.

Course Key Learning

  • How to perform RCM analysis
  • How to produce a packaged and optimised, error-checked and formatted set of maintenance tasks
  • Advanced real examples to produce ERP/CMMS load sheets, load tables, and work instruction documents.
  • Methods for testing data and model quality

Course Modules

  • Advanced modeling scenarios
  • SAE JA 1011 key points
  • Building and using reference libraries
  • Maintenance templates
  • Controlling data quality
  • Managing version controls
  • Advanced configuration options
  • Special modeling methods
  • Advanced load sheet production
  • Advanced work instruction generation
  • Producing the ISO 550000 Asset Management Plan (AMP)


What is the duration of the course? arrow icon

The course duration is 24 hours total. The course material can be split into 4 hour blocks across 6 days. 

Who should attend? arrow icon
  • RCM Team Members
  • Reliability Engineers
  • Maintenance Analysts
  • Maintenance Superintendents
  • Design Engineers
  • Plant Performance Engineers
  • Maintenance Planners
  • Graduate Reliability Engineers

Industries that will benefit arrow icon
  • Steel
  • Mining
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Oil and Gas
  • Food and Beverage
  • Repetitive Manufacturing
  • Automotive

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