RAMS Studies

A high level study of assets focusing on their availability, reliability, maintainability and impact on safety is the ideal place to start on the road to prioritising asset improvement action.


By pooling all system data into a simple process representation such as a Reliability Block Diagram, simulations can be performed to identify those assets which cause the highest contributions to loss of availability, process capacity and impact to safety, operations and environment.

To keep the process simple and relatively quick, we can identify single dominant failure modes for each asset and compare simulated results to actual.

Once there is confidence that the simulations are reflecting reality then the pareto of loss contributors becomes a powerful tool for providing direction.


"We selected ARMS Reliability because of their proven track record in RAM modelling, and their experience in working on greenfield sites like the Gruyere Gold Project. Undergoing a RAMS study will ensure that this project delivers the most value to our stakeholders.  By getting in early and conducting these maintenance studies now, we will save money and resources down the track by ensuring optimum performance of the plant from the outset. When we hit the 'go live' button, all maintenance costs and schedules will be well defined- We don't want any surprises," 

- Brett Foster, Manager - Processing, Gruyere Joint Venture