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Congratulations, You're Now a Reliability Engineer - The What, When and How of Maintenance Strategy Optimization


This eBook outlines how with an optimized maintenance strategy, organizations are able to drive towards higher reliability, availability, and more efficient use of equipment. Maintenance optimization doesn't have to be time consuming or difficult. The key is to follow core steps and best practices using a structured approach.

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Conducting Root Cause Analysis in a Global Company


Conducting virtual RCAs is becoming a necessity rather than a choice. Fortunately, the Internet and collaboration technology allow the world to shrink. However, even when conducting a virtual RCA, you can never bring every single stakeholder together for every meeting.

This paper discusses the challenges Cisco faces in conducting RCAs as a global company, tips to overcome those challenges, and benefits of
virtual RCAs.

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The Three Critical Pillars of an Effective Problem Solving Culture


A good manager recognizes the importance of creating a problem-solving culture and works to build the systems and atmosphere that support and encourage team members at all levels to problem solve effectively. However, once these problem solving roles are understood, many organizations still struggle with fully embedding that culture. Download this eBook to learn how to overcome the challenges of developing an effective problem solving culture.

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Optimizing Your Maintenance Strategy in Less Time


Creating optimized maintenance strategies is not a one-and-done effort but a continual improvement process. 

You must take into account changing business needs, new inspection technologies, and empirical data from completed work orders. This activity can be daunting, especially when the number of assets in your CMMS is in the thousands.  

This paper will explore how to use an enterprise reliability software solution to create an overall asset management strategy that is responsive to the ever-changing realities of your company's specific assets and is easily shared between all stakeholders. 

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Root Cause Analysis and the Boeing Problem Solving Model


The Boeing Problem Solving Model provides a structured approach to continuous improvement. It can be used to solve problems or capture opportunities of any size or scope. 

Download this whitepaper to learn how The Boeing Company tackles their most complex and longest running aerospace production and engineering problems. 

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Maintenance Strategy Optimization: Building a Compelling Business Case


You say you want "World-class maintenance performance?" You can't get there without a strong maintenance strategy. But all too often, the decision-makers within the organization don't want to invest in undertaking a review and optimization project - they simply don't see the point.  How do you raise awareness and get support for what you need to do? This ebook walks you through what you'll need to do in order to build a compelling business case and explains how to overcome primary objections, illuminate the business need, and demonstrate the real tangible value. 

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Breathing -life

Breathing New Life Into Your Maintenance Program With Analytics


In order to have the most effective maintenance program, we can't just keep doing the same thing we've been doing for the last 20 years. We need to learn how to do more with less and to make better decisions. We often don't understand just how close we are to falling into reactive behavior and risking a major incident.

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What's The Real Problem?


How to write a better problem definition so your root cause analysis investigation finds the best solutions. Understanding your true problem is imperative, as it will clarify exactly what information needs to be gathered during your investigation.

It also determines what your corrective actions will be and helps ensure that the solution you land on is the most effective one. In other words, you'll have a much easier time arriving successfully at your destination if your starting point is accurate.

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7 Challenges to Implementing RCA Enterprise-Wide and How to Overcome Them


Even if you are at the top of your game and putting everything you have into running the best possible reliability program, you're going to face setbacks - both major and minor - unless you have the right tools and support. Learn how to run a successful RCA program across an entire enterprise.

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11 Problems With Your RCA Process And How to Fix Them


This eBook explores these and other common issues that can arise in a root cause analysis (RCA) program and presents practical tips on how to resolve them.

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5 Symptoms Your Maintenance Strategy Needs Optimizing


The primary question in diagnosing the health of your maintenance strategy is a simple one. Does your maintenance strategy need optimizing? Download our detailed guide on the key symptoms you need to watch out for. 

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How to Combat Mediocrity in your RCAs


This eBook focuses on four aspects of your RCA program which, if not set up correctly, could be catalysts behind a consistent flow of mediocre root cause analysis investigations within your organization.

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eBook - 6 Characteristics of a Predictive Maintenance Strategy


If you want to achieve a successful reliability centered maintenance (RCM) model, then predictive maintenance is not an optional extra. It's mandatory.

This slide presentation describes the six characteristics your predictive maintenance strategy should possess if you want to move towards best practice asset management.

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8 Key Elements

eBook - 8 Key Elements of a Sustainable RCA Program

This eBook reveals the common reasons why RCA programs get stuck in a rut, and proposes a methodology to ensure your RCA program delivers value.

You will gain insights and tactics to:

  • Get out of an RCA rut
  • Lay a good foundation for your program
  • Implement best-practice triggers, protocols and standards
  • Utilize the best methods for reporting and tracking solution implementation
  • Measure the value of your RCA program

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4 Simple Steps to a 5-Star Cause and Effect Chart

Discover the four foundational elements to a 5-star cause-and-effect chart.

This eBook gives you practical tips that you can implement today to support better problem solving and help you achieve: 

  • Reduced costs
  • Time savings
  • Prevention of problems from recurring
  • Reduced environmental impacts
  • A safer workplace
  • Improved reliability
  • Reinforced quality control
  • Continuous improvement

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101 Tips & Tricks to Improve Your Root Cause Analysis

This eBook covers root cause analysis from start to finish. Whether it is gathering information, assembling the team, conducting the RCA, implementing the solutions, measuring the success of the corrective actions or advertising your successes, there is a RCA tip for you. There's also a whole section of tips for the RCA facilitator.

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Maximum Uptime: Using the 9 Step Reliability Process

Every business wants to secure a profitable future, right?

While some things - such as broader market and economic conditions - are beyond your control, you can take control of the performance of the assets and equipment in your plant. To do so, you need to work towards a proven reliability centred maintenance (RCM) model.

This ebook sheds light on the 9 Step Reliability Process - a comprehensive, step-by-step process that can be used throughout the plant to achieve the goal of setting up an ongoing RCM model.

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6 Steps beyond 5 Whys

6 Steps Beyond 5 Whys


When an incident or accident occurs at your workplace, what do you do to fix the problem?

In many cases, the "5 Whys process" is a proven and accepted means to get to the root cause of the incident. But what do you do if this technique doesn't dive deep enough - and only presents further symptoms rather than the real cause or, indeed, causes?

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5 Critical Components in your RCA Program

5 Critical Components in your RCA Program


Incident investigation is an improvement process. It's about continuously working on your weaknesses to realize marginal gains - a number of small improvements that result in a better program overall.


This eBook breaks down the 5 critical components you should consider when establishing your RCA program - or just as important, when striving to improve your RCA program. You'll also get practical tips and tactics to get the most value out of each element of your program.

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6 Steps to Improving Asset Performance in Manufacturing


The manufacturing industry is under immense pressure. Globalisation and increased competition, coupled with a more demanding consumer base, force manufacturers to seek new ways to boost the bottom line.

To improve ROI and respond to customer demands for faster supply at a lower cost, many companies are required to run their manufacturing plants 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are squeezing every last drop of availability and capacity from their assets.

So where do you start? What is the journey towards best practice and improved asset performance?


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Practical Maintenance Strategy Design 

Practical Maintenance Strategy Design for Capital Expansions

This whitepaper outlines the four essential steps to getting a "ready for implementation" maintenance strategy in capital equipment projects.

Learn why developing maintenance strategies for capital ventures does not happen by accident - it should be part of the project plan and costing from the start and it is as much a key deliverable as a fully commissioned, operational facility.

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Sweating -the -assets

Sweating the Assets: Reduce Maintenance Costs & Boost Outputs

This paper explores a range of methodologies for making assets run more productively, and to increase their value or reduce their costs in a substantial way that delivers long-term business results.

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Risk Mitigation through Strategic Maintenance and Reliability


Manufacturing plants today contain numerous equipment items that require some form of maintenance to help deliver company output and profit.

This paper presents a practical case study detailing various methods that can be applied to achieve a structured approach to maintenance and reliability.

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Towards Best Practice Asset Management


As economic conditions toughen, managers face the challenge of improving the bottom line performance of their business, fast. Yet in doing so, they risk bypassing the fundamental practices needed to sustain a reliability-driven approach to asset management.

In this whitepaper, you will learn;

  • Why common shortcuts in asset management can minimise long term profit delivery 
  • How to quantify the benefits of implementing a long term, reliability-driven approach to asset management 
  • What does best in class look like? 
A simple method to analyse the effectiveness of your current asset management strategy and efficiency of spend

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