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How is your current performance?    

Why is optimal performance not being achieved?

How can we help improve performance?


These questions may sound all too familiar within your organization.

ARMS Reliability offers a range of reliability consulting services that can be tailored to meet your organization's needs and help you achieve optimal asset performance. 

Our vast experience in reliability engineering enables us to deliver high quality, efficient and effective support services. Our consulting portfolio is cross-platform and cross-industry, including sizable and complex projects within the mining, oil & gas, utilities and infrastructure sectors.


Consulting Services:

How clients make use of our Consulting Services:

  • Build reliability into their design on major capital projects
  • Reduce the cost of unplanned maintenance and escape a reactive maintenance culture
  • Evaluate existing plant performance, and identify bottlenecks and ways to improve
  • Quantify whether a current maintenance strategy will deliver required business results
  • Eliminate recurring problems

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