Root Cause Analysis

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Learn how the Apollo Root Cause Analysis methodology will help you solve real-world problems faster, more efficiently and more effectively - every time.

ARMS Reliability is an authorised global training provider of the Apollo Root Cause Analysis methodology, which is widely recognised as a powerful tool for resolving issues and preventing recurrence of problems. It is used in a wide variety of industries - like resources, petro-chemicals, utilities, manufacturing, aerospace, telecommunications and healthcare - to get value-driven results.

Our highly experienced trainers will help you put this powerful problem-solving technique to use - so that it reaps wide-reaching benefits for your organisation.

With the Apollo Root Cause Analysis methodology, you get:

  • A common reality with more buy-in from stakeholders
  • Elimination of recurring problems
  • Identification of all possible solutions
  • Clarity over when a problem is solved
  • Experiential training courses (learn by doing)
  • RealityCharting® software to make documentation and reporting easier

We provide a variety of RCA courses, services and software for you, your collegues, your staff or organisation. Visit our Root Cause Analysis website,, to;