Fonterra is a global dairy company owned by 10,000 farmers and their families. When their 26 New Zealand processing plants were experiencing many of the same issues, mapping with trends in the dairy industry as a whole, the company recognized it would need to improve corrective and preventive maintenance best practices by performing more effective and conclusive investigations on plant breakdowns. They chose ARMS Reliability and the Apollo Root Cause Analysis methodology to provide training and consulting. 

Fonterra appointed a root cause analysis program champion dedicated to RCA, so real traction and value could be delivered. Knowing that a more consistent approach would deliver better RCA results, the champion's mission was to institutionalize root cause analysis throughout the organization, in other words, to "engrain RCA into their psyche as the way we problem solve."

"The Apollo methodology was successful not only because RCAs yielded important findings, but because more people were engaged and supportive of the corrective action process." 



Industry: Agriculture, Manufacturing

Location: New Zealand

Solutions: Apollo Root Cause Analysis Training & RealityCharting software