Industry Leader for Over 60 Years.

The Science of Asset Performance

Bently Nevada invented vibration analysis six decades ago, pioneering a new era in the monitoring and protection of critical industrial assets. Their hands-on experience in the management of these assets continues to deepen, while broadening their expertise and application of the science of machine behavior. This provides a unique foundation on which Bently experts collaborate with customers to build the future of enterprise asset performance management.

Extending the Performance Footprint

The performance of your assets fundamentally governs the performance of your enterprise. Bently Nevada’s System 1 is backed by the world’s most adept APM team, and incorporates best-in-class reliability and asset strategy capabilities. The platform provides a wide machine surveillance and response footprint that extends across the entire enterprise. The result is more productive uptime and better control over downtime, so your operations will run better now and throughout the life of your equipment.

A Reliable Strategy

Even thorough, systematic monitoring of asset health can be fundamentally tactical, achieving less than ideal performance and cost results. Bently Nevada’s System 1, now enhanced with ARMS Reliability's Cordant™ Asset Strategy technology, elevates your viewpoint and improves your control. Backed by the industry’s leading experts and powerful complementary content libraries, the platform enables an asset strategy management program that continuously aligns machine care with ever-changing operational contexts. Rather than reacting, you’ll have the enterprise-wide control and insight to plan for, and deliver on, mission-critical business outcomes.  

Stronger Together

Bently Nevada’s and ARMS Reliability's partnering approach is focused on sustained customer success, where technology is supported with domain expertise, relevant content, and execution experience to ensure that the solutions provided are implemented effectively, deliver value, and are continuously improved to stay relevant within the context of evolving business challenges. Through advanced technology, asset expertise, and advisory services, Bently Nevada is driving the future of Integrated Asset Performance Management. The seamless connection of asset condition, health, and strategy to work execution, creates an integrated platform, which provides a unified and comprehensive perspective of your industrial operations, leveraging advanced analytics to inform the decisions that maximize edge-to-enterprise performance.

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