Concise and comprehensive security analysis

With an attack tree, you can model threats against system security in a graphical format – giving you a clear picture of your security risk assessment. Used across industries to assess everything from network security to banking system security, automotive cybersecurity to installation and personnel security, attack trees are a proven model for analyzing the risk of threats.

With the increased risk of terrorist attacks on homeland security, hacking attacks on computer systems, autonomous vehicles, and computer-based fraud on banking systems, Isograph’s AttackTree security analyzer is an invaluable tool for system designers and security personnel to use in security assessments.

With AttackTree you can:

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Identify attack methods and evaluate defenses

Identify different ways in which an individual or team could mount an attack on a system, and evaluate the levels of defense against different types of attack. 

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Create graphical representation of attack methods

Construct a graphical representation of how attacks might succeed and perform a probabilistic analysis of which attacks are most likely to succeed.

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Assess level of security

Assess the vulnerability of your system under specified constraints such as costs or required equipment.

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Quantify attack difficulty

Define indicators that quantify things like the cost of an attack or the operational difficulty in mounting an attack.

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Quantify different levels of attack consequence

Assign different categories and levels of consequence to nodes in the attack tree diagram.

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Use custom AttackTree reporting

Create reports to view all combinations of events that will lead to a successful attack, ranked in the probability of success

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