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A Hazop study is a structured and systematic examination of hazards and potential safety or operational problems associated with a system. It reveals what would happen if components within the system were to operate outside normal design modes.  

The process - which involves a detailed examination of the engineering intention and processes of new or existing facilities - can be complex and time-consuming. Hazop+ software simplifies the process with the logical, step-by-step arrangement of data sheets.


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Advanced customization

Hazop+ operates in an environment that allows full customization. You can add custom fields to all the main data entry sheets such as companies, personnel and sessions. Customized risk rankings and study records can be created with custom fields.

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Study data sheet

The details of the Hazop study are entered into a data sheet. In cases where identified problems cannot be resolved during the study session, actions can be allocated to individuals and documented in an action data sheet.

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Risk ranking

A risk ranking data sheet can be used to create one or more risk ranking matrices associated with the study. When the Hazop study information has been entered, it can then be filtered, sorted and reported using the report wizard.

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Report designer

At any time during the Hazop study, Hazop+ can be used to selectively display the study information and prepare customized reports that can be printed, published to Word or PDF, or exported to Excel or rich text format. This powerful feature gives you more flexibility to examine and report on the information generated in the study.

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