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Using Isograph's Network Availability Prediction tool, which is based on an extended Reliability Block Diagram (RBD) methodology, you can examine the specific characteristics of network elements and their connections.

With Network Availability Prediction, you can quickly construct a network diagram, then recognize the failure logic of the diagram to automatically calculate network availability. The tool also provides criticality rankings that identify weak spots in the network.


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Parts library

Construct a custom library of parts and alternative parts lists using a hierarchical structure to easily locate parts by vendor, part type and any other categorization.

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Network element diagrams

Model network elements right down to part level using the powerful NAP pagination facility. Individual network element diagrams can be extended beyond traditional RBDs to allow you to model multiple interfaces and their interactions with common equipment.

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Network element library

Import parts data in convenient groupings with the network element library facility, to easily construct common network element diagrams.

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Data flow models

Model data flow in different directions along the same network path, so you don't need to specify the direction of data flow in selected parts of the network.

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Automatic availability prediction

NAP automatically determines the allowable paths between a source and target as well as the minimal cut sets that determine the availability of the network.

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Advanced accuracy

If required, you can restrict the analysis to network paths traversing a limited number of network elements (limiting the 'hop' number) to eliminate unrealistic 'snake-like' paths in complex networks.

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