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A Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) is a procedure for identifying potential failure modes in a system and classifying them according to their severity. The two-part process involves:

  • Identifying failure modes and their effects
  • Ranking failure modes based on both the severity and probability of that failure mode occurring (Criticality Analysis)

Using the FMECA module of Reliability Workbench™, you get the full framework and reporting facilities to construct FMECAs to industry standards or your own custom requirements. It provides a simple and interactive graphical method for constructing a block diagram, representing logical connections between the sub-systems and components constituting the overall plant or system. You can extend the diagram to represent failure modes at various hierarchical levels.


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Automatically Calculate Failure Rate and Criticality Values

Automatically trace failure effects, severity values and failure causes through the system hierarchy, to calculate failure rates and system criticality values

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Beta Factors

Modify failure rates using beta factors associated with failure modes and individual effects

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Detectable and Non Detectable Failures

Filter detectable and non-detectable failures in reports and determine the ratio between the frequency of detectable failures and total failures

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Rapid Data Entry

Quickly enter data using pop-up dialogs which may be accessed simply by clicking on the relevant part of the block diagram. Increase efficiency and consistency with a master phrase library which contains commonly used descriptions of component parts, failure modes and effects

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Phrase Library

Build up your own phrase libraries or add to the master library provided

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Data Verification

Use consistency checks to verify data

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Standard and Custom Reporting

Easily generate reports and export to PDF format for distribution

Commercial aircraft FMEA arrow icon

Commercial aircraft FMEAs are a special format of FMEA, allowing users to define failure modes and effects at unit, system, engine and aircraft level.

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The FMECA procedure involves the following steps:

  1. Define the system to be analyzed
  2. Construct a hierarchical block diagram
  3. Identify failure modes at all levels of indenture
  4. Assign effects to the failure modes
  5. Assign severity categories to effects
  6. Enter other failure mode data such as failure detection methods, failure rates, etc.
  7. Rank failure modes in terms of severity and criticality
  8. Produce reports highlighting critical failures
  9. Recommend redesign or maintenance actions to reduce critical failures

Process and design FMEA arrow icon

Process and design FMEAs provide an alternative approach to performing a FMEA. Occurrence, severity and detection rankings replace apportionments and failure rates. Risk Priority Numbers (RPNs) are calculated by multiplying the severity, occurrence and detection ranking numbers together.

Supported Industry Standards arrow icon
  • MIL-STD-1629A
  • BS 5760 Part 5
  • GJB 1391-92
  • SAE J1739
  • ARP5580

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