A continually expanding and comprehensive source of failure data for users of Isograph's Reliability Workbench, so you can produce system failure data quickly and easily.

The Parts Libraries contain many thousands of modern electronic and non-electronic parts and provide a comprehensive source of failure data for users of Isograph’s Reliability Workbench.  The libraries have been constructed by electronic and reliability engineers from manufacturers’ datasheets and other sources or taken directly from existing public sources.

The Parts Libraries also contain two existing non-electronic libraries: the NPRD-2016 library for mechanical component failure data and the IAEA-TECDOC-508 library for component reliability data.



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Regular Updates

The libraries are regularly upgraded with new parts. New library versions are made available to users with a library maintenance contract at regular intervals. Users with a library maintenance contract may also request the addition of specific parts to the library if the part is not currently defined. A limited number of requested parts are added per annum to the libraries at no extra charge.

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Rapid Failure Data Assignment

Isograph’s ever-growing Electronic Parts Library currently contains over 90,000 parts and can used in Reliability Workbench to produce system failure data quickly and easily.

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Drag and Drop

The Parts Libraries are now completely integrated into Reliability Workbench, which makes them even easier to use. For example, to add a part as a Fault Tree Event all you need to is to select the part and drag & drop it to the desired Event Group in the Fault Tree hierarchy.

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