Determine the required reliability of a system to set and meet performance targets

Reliability Allocation is a method of apportioning a system target reliability amongst sub-systems and components. It is a useful tool at design stage for determining the required reliability of equipment to achieve a given system reliability target.

With the Reliability Allocation module, you can allocate reliability to the components in a system to ensure the system will meet its reliability goal as well as all other associated performance specifications. Inside the module, a system hierarchy can be constructed where sub-systems may be broken down further to component level, allowing a complete system allocation model.




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Reliability Allocation Assessment

Allocate reliability values between the subsystems based on complexity, criticality, or achievable reliability using reliability block diagrams to represent the relationships between components.

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Compare Alternative Allocations

Estimate the impact of different component modifications on the reliability of a system as well as costs incurred in the process of making those modifications

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Allocation Optimization

Perform an optimization analysis to find the best combination of component reliability improvements that meet or exceed the performance goals at the lowest cost.

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Structured Reliability Allocation Methods

The Allocation module within Reliability Workbench supplies the user with six methods for assigning subsystem reliability values:

  • Non-restricted equal allocation
  • Non-restricted graded allocation
  • Non-restricted proportional allocation
  • Non-restricted redundancy proportional allocation
  • Non-restricted reliability re-allocation
  • Restricted direct research allocation

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