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A Reliability Block Diagram (RBD) is a method of modeling how components and sub-system failures combine to cause system failure. The diagram can be analyzed to predict the availability of a system and determine the critical components from a reliability viewpoint.

The RBD module of Reliability Workbench™ can analyze large and complex RBDs, producing the full minimal cut set representation for systems and sub-systems. The tool enables you to calculate a range of importance measures and provides standard system and sub-system parameters such as unavailability, unreliability and expected failures.

With the RBD module you can construct a single project database containing failure model data and block diagrams representing one or more systems.

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Easy to use

Automatic pagination allows the user to quickly construct and print large RBDs.

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Convenient navigation

Diagrams may be split, either manually or automatically, into a hierarchy of sub-systems.

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Multi-level diagram capability

There is no limit to the number of hierarchical levels that may be specified for a project.

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Common Cause Failure (CCF) analysis

Automatically generate and group blocks with the same CCF model for the accurate evaluation of their effects.

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Component redundancy

Identify redundant components within a system.

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Minimal cut sets

Evaluate minimal cut sets of a system to determine system performance parameters.

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Standby modes

Hot, Cold and Warm standby modes can be applied to dormant components.

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