Learning from past failure data

Weibull Analysis is used to analyze historical failure data and produce failure distributions to reveal failure trends and predict failure behavior.

As a module within Reliability Workbench™, it is a powerful tool for analyzing historical failure and repair data, and producing probabilistic failure distributions based on the data provided. Data can be input easily or incorporated from other sources.

The Weibull Analysis module assigns probability distributions which represent the failure or repair characteristics of a given failure mode.

The failure distribution assigned to a given set of times to failure (known as a Weibull set) may be assigned to basic events or generic failure models in the Fault Tree Analysis module and to reliability blocks or generic failure models in the RBD analysis. This data can be used as inputs to the failure models used in a fault tree analysis or a reliability block diagram (RBD) analysis.

Weibull Distributions

The Weibull Analysis module analyzes times-to-failure and time-to-repair data using the following distributions:

  • 1-Parameter Weibull Distribution
  • 2-Parameter Weibull Distribution
  • 3-Parameter Weibull Distribution
  • Exponential
  • Normal
  • Lognormal
  • Weibayes




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Clear graphs and reports

The Weibull module automatically fits the selected distribution to the data provided and displays the results graphically in the form of cumulative probability plots, unconditional probability density plots and conditional probability density plots. The plots may be viewed on the screen or printed to a report.

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Easy input of data

Data may be entered manually by the user, imported from other packages or transferred via the Windows clipboard using copy and paste.

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Fast analysis

The module is extremely easy to use, with new data analyzed in four simple steps – enter or import the data; select a distribution type; instruct the Weibull module to analyze the data; and print a report.

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Easy comparisons

Use Weibull Analysis to compare suppliers or designs based on reliability.

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Accurate predictions

Make predictions about performance during the useful life (or warranty) period. 

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Use plots and other reports to effectively communicate performance estimates to management:

  • Automatic curve estimation
  • Import actual data and graphical representations
  • Support all types of live data, including complete, right censored (suspended), left censored, interval censored and free-form data, entered individually or in groups

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