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Maintenance and Reliability professionals within the Mining industry know their stuff! The problem is most organizations can’t capitalize on it.

When it comes to reliability, most organizations lack an efficient and effective way to institutionalize their good ideas and enhancements across the entire asset base.

The issue of course is that not all installations of the same asset have the same operating context and environment.  However, what if you had a system whereby you had sound foundational models for each component type and only had to adjust parameters to reflect changing operating context and environments?  For example, if something takes longer to repair, change the repair time, or if the failure characteristics are different, apply a different likelihood of failure curve. Then, the simple math can adjust the resulting maintenance plans.

With this data architecture, you have a mechanism to deploy effective improvements across the whole asset base, taking into account the operational context changes.

This philosophy allows you to tap into, consolidate, manage, and evolve the collective asset intelligence within your organization– intelligence that is currently in the heads of your best people – and digitize it.

Quite simply, components can only fail in certain ways. How likely that is and the impact it has – are the elements that differ between different installations.  So, the application of a FMECA based RCM model to all installations is simply a matter of adjusting some parameters to deliver a tailored maintenance plan for each instance of the asset.

The benefit of the approach is that all the organizational asset intelligence gets digitized into a single model for each component type. This model can be updated and evolved as that intelligence expands, but remains connected, linked, and deployed to each installation of the component - all the while accounting for the specific operational context and environmental factors.

To gain exponential value from the digitization, the ongoing use of the content is maintained through the implementation of an Asset Strategy Management (ASM) process – think RCM & RCA being applied in real time, all the time. With appropriate trigger points to focus efforts on where the value is, and the speed of improvements across an organization escalates to a whole new level.

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