Verdanix highlights integrated offering to support asset strategy management and optimization

OCEAN GROVE, VICTORIA —ARMS Reliability and Bently Nevada have been jointly recognized in the Verdanix Buyer’s Guide for Asset Performance Management (APM) with the guide highlighting the combined advantages of Cordant™ Asset Strategy and Bently Nevada’s System 1. The guide also calls out both companies’ comprehensive advisory services.

This recognition comes less than one year after ARMS Reliability joined the Baker Hughes group of companies and began working with Bently Nevada on a combined offering to seamlessly manage asset strategy and health.

Verdanix indicates this offering provides customers with a complete solution to APM with capabilities across four key areas: Asset Health Monitoring, Asset Failure Prediction, Maintenance Optimization, and Performance Optimization.

Verdanix also highlights specific benefits of the planned integration between System 1 and Cordant™ Asset Strategy, noting that System 1 will “provide health inputs to Cordant™ Asset Strategy to drive asset strategy management and optimization”.

Welcoming the recognition, Jason Apps, CEO of ARMS Reliability underscored the need for a connected solution for APM. “The challenge with traditional APM is that activities like Asset Strategy Management and Condition Monitoring are disconnected from one another, making it difficult for organizations to get a true, overarching visualization of asset health and risk. While some modular software solutions exist to help address this challenge, the solutions are often loosely connected and fail to unify data or processes in a way that drives insight or workflow.”

Introducing Integrated-APM

Together, ARMS Reliability and Bently Nevada are pioneering a new approach to asset performance and reliability: Integrated-APM.

Integrated-APM digitally connects the traditionally siloed functions of asset management, enabling organizations to demonstrate compliance, reduce risk, manage costs, and deliver predictable performance.

One of the key benefits of Integrated APM is that it provides a comprehensive view of asset health and risk, accounting for asset age, operating condition, maintenance plans, and strategy compliance. The insights gained provide a sound foundation for data-driven performance management, helping organizations prioritize activities to manage cost and risk.

“The ultimate result of Integrated-APM is a dynamic and agile approach to equipment maintenance and reliability, in sync with operational goals,” said Apps.

Learn more about Integrated-APM or download the Verdantix Buyer’s Guide: Asset Performance Management Software.


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