OCEAN GROVE, AUSTRALIA – ARMS Reliability is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and is looking back proudly at the many milestones achieved in its history of leading innovation and digitization in the asset management field.

Since its inception in August of 1995, ARMS Reliability has grown from a small reliability consulting company to an internationally recognized reliability solutions provider, working today with some of the world's largest resource, power, utility, and manufacturing companies.

“In the early 1990s, many companies around the world started to question the traditional model of asset management. These companies were spending a lot of money on things like condition monitoring and lubrication, and they were reacting to problems rather than taking a proactive approach to correct the problems. ARMS Reliability was founded in August 1995 to address this issue. From the outset, we have helped companies shift from a reactive to a data-driven proactive mode of asset management,” said Jason Apps, CEO of ARMS Reliability.

ARMS Reliability now employs over 100 employees worldwide, with 5 offices in 4 countries.

“We have established ourselves as one of the leading reliability providers,” said Apps, “Today we offer hundreds of customers worldwide a comprehensive range of reliability engineering solutions and are blazing a unique trail in the field with Asset Strategy Management.”

In addition to advisory services and solutions, ARMS Reliability also offers training, both virtually and in-person, in a range of reliability and root cause analysis disciplines.

A pioneering role in the market

In 2014 ARMS Reliability's leadership recognized a growing customer need and broadened its scope to focus on technology and service innovation that addressed digital transformation, pioneering the best practice approach Asset Strategy Management.

Now a fundamental pillar of asset management, ASM is enabled by people, technology, and data to help organizations dynamically extract the most their assets can deliver, at the best cost, while managing risk; creating a dynamic connection between reliability theory, analysis, and decision making.

ASM is supported by ARMS Reliability's platform, Cordant™ Asset Strategy, a centralized and connected system with a digital strategy knowledge base that enables organizations to efficiently develop, deploy, and sustain effective strategies on all assets.

Looking to the future

Darren Gloster, COO, remarked, “We have achieved this milestone through the hard work of our team and through the culture that exists throughout the entire organization. We’ve dedicated the past 25 years to helping our customers be safe and successful by making reliability a reality and are celebrating where we started, what we have achieved, and where we plan to be in the future.”

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