OCEAN GROVE, VICTORIA —ARMS Reliability has announced the launch of its comprehensive Component Strategy Library which has been built up from more than 20 years of domain knowledge and includes failure mode and task data across 1,200+ component types.

The component library is based on reliability first principles and can be used with the company’s Cordant™ Asset Strategy® Asset Strategy Management System to rapidly build and deploy effective reliability strategies. With essential information like failure modes, failure characteristics, preventive tasks, condition assessment tasks, on-condition tasks, and corrective tasks, the component library can also be used to supplement or validate existing strategies.

Featuring powerful search and intuitive navigation, the component library makes it easy for organizations to find the content they need and start building new strategies right away. In addition, the structure and granularity of the content helps organizations choose the component, failure, and task data they need to customize strategies for operational context

One of the differentiated features of ARMS Reliability’s component library is that users of Cordant™ Asset Strategy can remain connected to the library. So, as library content is added or changed based on new learnings, users have immediate access to these updates and can apply them seamlessly.

“Our Component Strategy Library is the same one that we use in our services business to help customers optimize their strategies and achieve a step change in performance,” said Jason Apps, CEO of ARMS Reliability. “Curated, refined and structured from 20+ years of strategy data, we’re now opening it up to the wider industry and adding to it every day so that more organizations can benefit from having best in class reliability strategies right at their fingertips.”

Icon Water was one of the first customers to have already benefited from using the content to rapidly build and deploy their own strategies. Commenting on this, Andrew Behn, Maintenance Planning and Reliability Team Lead, Icon Water, said, “We had an immediate need to rapidly develop strategies for 700,000 assets in a short time frame to meet tight project deadlines. To do this, we augmented our existing strategy data with ARMS Reliability’s strategy data. We were able to quickly develop strategies based on information like asset type, duty, process, criticality and environment, and then optimize these in line with Icon Water’s reliability goals and operating environment.”

ARMS Reliability’s Component Strategy Library is available now.

Additional features of the library include:

  • 1,200+ component types
  • 8,000+ component items
  • 50,000+ failure modes
  • 175,000+ mitigating and secondary actions 
  • Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) structure

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