OCEAN GROVE, VICTORIA -- For the fourth consecutive year, ARMS Reliability announces inclusion in the latest Gartner Market Guide for APM Software for their digital asset management solution, Cordant™ Asset Strategy.

This independent recognition of Cordant™ Asset Strategy comes at a time when asset-intensive organizations are relying on APM solutions more heavily than ever before in hopes of balancing cost, risk, and performance and to support optimal business decisions.

However, as stated in the guide, “an expanding choice of immature products complicates the path forward” and most, if not all, applications by themselves have limited connectivity to each other and existing business systems.

In order to be successful, APM solutions need to connect with data sources like Cordant™ Asset Strategy that help establish a baseline and foundation for asset performance.

Bridging the Gap

As a leading technology platform for managing asset strategies, Cordant™ Asset Strategy (currently on version 6.2) optimizes plant maintenance and reliability by enabling organizations to effectively develop, implement, and maintain asset strategies on an ongoing basis while aligning to the business performance requirements.

This process, called Asset Strategy Management, supports the development of the APM requirements and establishes the value and cost-benefit of implementing APM on key assets.

Combining ASM and APM means you will have coverage of 100% of failure modes, both preventative and predictive maintenance practices, and ultimately make performance more predictable.

The latest version of Cordant™ Asset Strategy (version 6.2) includes enhancements such as:

  • Integrity Management
  • Condition Assessments
  • Capital Prioritization
  • Spare/ Material Holding Analysis and Optimization
  • Corporate Risk Register

Integrating with all EAM systems, the guide states Cordant™ Asset Strategy “augments proactive strategy formulation.”

Unparalleled capability with Integrated Asset Performance Management

ARMS Reliability is now a part of Bently Nevada, a global leader in asset condition monitoring. ARMS Reliability and Bently Nevada come together to evolve traditional solutions to APM and pioneer a new approach called Integrated APM.

Integrated APM connects the traditionally siloed functions, creating a platform for holistic asset health and risk visualizations, and a sound foundation supporting data-driven asset performance management.

Integrated APM connects asset strategy and asset health, to an EAM solution, and delivers on the elusive potential of a continuous improvement process focused on both proactive strategy setting, asset health monitoring, and plant reliability. Their approach encompasses more than a technical solution and is underpinned by Bently Nevada’s asset condition monitoring heritage, which spans a proven hardware and software portfolio, and ARMS Reliability's asset strategy management expertise across equipment reliability, maintenance plan optimization and root cause analysis.

About the Guide

The Gartner Market Guide for APM Software highlights platform, asset analysis, and other ecosystem offering vendors who have received the most client interest/ recognition throughout a year time span to help CIO’s make informed technology decisions on APM offerings.

“Being recognized in the leading research report for APM for the fourth year in a row is a strong testament to the intrinsic value Cordant™ Asset Strategy is delivering to our clients and the reliability engineering field. It shows industry validation that we uniquely delivering an unparalleled solution to market, where we’re supporting innovative technology with deep consulting and implementation expertise.” States ARMS Reliability CEO, Jason Apps.

To read more about Cordant™ Asset Strategy and gain further insights into the state of the APM software market, download your copy of the Gartner Market Guide for Asset Performance Management Software.

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