OCEAN GROVE, VICTORIA — New platform capability with the release of version 5.2 allows users to build, deploy, and govern asset reliability strategies at lightning speed with added visibility to manage, improve and align those strategies more effectively than ever before.

Cordant™ Asset Strategy® is a centralized, connected, Asset Strategy Management system that enables users to efficiently develop, deploy and sustain effective asset reliability strategies to all assets. Cordant™ Asset Strategy utilizes real data to set up benchmarks, monitor KPIs, drive improvement and rapidly deploy the best strategies, enterprise-wide.

As the Asset Management and Reliability landscape continues to grow and evolve, so does Cordant™ Asset Strategy. ARMS Reliability has released version 5.2 a significant update to the Asset Strategy Management with several enhancements including:

  • Improved governance capability supporting organization-wide workflows for projects at any phase and then the continuous improvement and alignment phase.
  • Troubleshooting guides have been implemented and connected to FMECA based reliability models to support real-time problem diagnosis and a constantly learning operational support tool
  • Rapid Reliability strategy build and improve capability has been significantly enhanced through an innovative data view with live data validation
  • Global to region to site strategy comparison capability through the Cordant™ Asset Strategy exchange functionality. Always see the variation in reliability strategies from corporate guidance through to each individual asset’s reliability strategy.

The general user interface has been enhanced to increase usability, flexibility and productivity for reliability practitioners. With many organizations housing their entire asset base in Cordant™ Asset Strategy enhancements have been made to the speed of operation when viewing enormous data sets of assets and reliability strategy content.

“As Cordant™ Asset Strategy’s user-base continues to grow, so do the capabilities of the platform. We are always listening to our customers and have an agile team of developers keeping pace with advancements of technology in the industry,” remarked Jason Apps, CEO, ARMS Reliability. With the new enhancements to Cordant™ Asset Strategy, we hope to continue providing our customers with the right resources and critical tools to sustain dynamic, top-performing reliability programs.”

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