FORT MYERS, Florida – ARMS Reliability recently received Uptime® magazine’s Solution Award for Reliability Engineering for Maintenance for its innovative digital asset strategy management solution, Cordant™ Asset Strategy®.

“Most organizations are stuck in a cycle of reactive maintenance, largely because their asset strategies are static,” explained ARMS Reliability’s CEO, Jason Apps. “Reliability strategy is dynamic, and Cordant™ Asset Strategy® is the first asset strategy management solution that drives dynamic digital strategies.”

Uptime® serves more than 50,000 reliability leaders and asset management professionals; the Solution Awards Program recognizes companies demonstrating innovation in software, products, services, and training for reliability and asset management. ARMS Reliability and five other Solution Award winners were honored with a special awards ceremony at the RELIABILITY® Conference, hosted by®, on April 25th in Las Vegas. The conference features world-class reliability and maintenance vendors offering innovative solutions to the biggest challenges faced by organizations worldwide.

Cordant™ Asset Strategy® is a revolutionary asset strategy management solution that serves as a consistent thread through all maintenance systems. It enables an organization to capture and review data from all sources, so they can effectively manage and improve digital strategies for their entire asset base. Cordant™ Asset Strategy® drives consistency, quality, and effectiveness of digital asset strategies, and seamless dynamic deployment to an EAM system for execution.

Cordant™ Asset Strategy® manages risk and drives performance improvement through data-driven insight leveraged across the organization’s assets, so teams can quickly apply an optimized digital strategy across groups of similar assets. For example, if a failure occurs on a gearbox, and there are dozens of the same type of gearbox onsite, the same strategy can be instantly added to all assets with that gearbox.

“Cordant™ Asset Strategy® helps you deliver real value to your organization through dynamic implementation of strategies that realize the target risk, cost, and performance,” Apps affirmed. “The goal is to be in control of asset performance, manage safety risks, increase productivity, and decrease costs.

“We are incredibly proud of the Cordant™ Asset Strategy® platform and the value it delivers,” concluded Apps, “And we’re extremely honored to have our work recognized with this prestigious Solution Award.”

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