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Ocean Grove, Victoria AUSTRALIA – March 11, 2019 – A new book for asset management and equipment reliability leaders was recently released by author, Jason Apps, CEO of ARMS Reliability. The book titled, “Asset Strategy Management ASMx: A Leader's Guide to Reliability Transformation in the Digital Age” presents a new paradigm in asset management – a process to build, deploy, and manage asset reliability strategies in an ever-changing environment whereby optimal strategies are deployed on every asset all the time, resulting in the optimal balance of performance, cost, and risk.

Today's Reliability and Maintenance leaders are faced with ever-shifting business climates, organizational structure changes, increased performance accountability, and of course, the explosion of the digital era, technology advancement and big data. This book explains how ASM transforms your approach to managing data driven reliability strategies to improve asset performance continuously and dynamically, adjusting to changing business or operational environments.

“The purpose of this book is to act as a guide for leaders, practitioners, and anyone with a stake in asset reliability, on how to transform reliability”, Apps explains. “The intent is to articulate the current problems most organizations see, the value delivered by ASM, how to implement it, how to create a reliability culture, and most importantly, how to sustain that improvement on an ongoing basis given the changing environment.”

Thought-leader in the asset reliability space, Jack R. Nicholas, Jr., affirms “Especially useful in this period of digital transformation, the bullet lists and descriptions of tasks that must be performed to change an organization’s culture and drive performance provide a roadmap to success that leaders in all types of businesses should follow. I urge anyone who has a stake in asset management within their organization to digest the contents of this book.”

“Asset Strategy Management ASMx: A Leader's Guide to Reliability Transformation in the Digital Age” is available to purchase on Amazon.

About the Author

Jason Apps is the CEO of ARMS Reliability. As the pioneer of Asset Strategy Management, a process enabled by people, data and technology to sustain a reliability-driven approach to improving asset performance, Jason has evolved his approach to reliability improvement over a twenty-year consulting career.  

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This book articulates the value delivered by ASM, and how to implement ASM to enable a culture of reliability that will translate to better business outcomes.

About the book