At ARMS Reliability the safety of our team, families, clients and the wider community is our top priority.

In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic we have implemented policies to guide our work practices during this time.

We believe through implementing these policies we are exercising our duty of care to help prevent transmission of the virus, while still providing continuity of service to our valued customers and clients.

Our policies will not impact our operations, and we are well structured, and in fact already, provide our services, training and support in an online delivery or remote engagement model.

  • Our entire company, infrastructure, systems and technology allow our team to work from anywhere.
  • We can remotely access and analyze data, build reliability models, develop maintenance strategies, facilitate group sessions and run training workshops.
  • We have video available for all meetings.
  • Our phone system can be diverted and answered.
  • Most of our team members only need a laptop and an Internet connection.
  • In-person meetings and events will be limited and conducted in accordance with advice of governing bodies. 
  • We have been working as a distributed team for a while, already having work from home arrangements in place.
  • We are confident that we can continue to operate as usual.

If we have a current or future project scheduled, we will engage with you to discuss the best method and applicable communication technology, to ensure all objectives are met efficiently, effectively and in line with the COVID-19 recommendations.

We are, and will continue to, refer to relevant government bodies and departments of health in each of our regions, as we review the evolving situation.

For more information contact us at any time. 

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