"VPN decided to implement C55 to better align our capital and operational spending with strategic intent"

Victoria Power Networks (VPN), which includes CitiPower Powercor, has selected the Copperleaf C55 Decision Analytics software solution to help improve decisions related to asset investments. CitiPower Powercor delivers electricity to more than 1.1 million customers across metropolitan, regional and rural Victoria and is the fourth Australian utility to implement Copperleaf C55. Copperleaf has teamed up with ARMS Reliability, a global provider of asset management solutions, to enable leading Australian utilities to make risk-informed and value-based investment decisions.

The Copperleaf C55 solution provides a methodology, process, and technology that identifies the most important projects to execute and optimizes the value delivered by project portfolios. C55 will enable VPN to more effectively predict long-term asset needs and make investment decisions that ensure network reliability. In an ever-changing power landscape, this will allow VPN to be fully equipped to deliver the highest possible value to its customers and shareholders, while proactively managing risk. 

"VPN decided to implement C55 to better align our capital and operational spending with strategic intent," said John Mifsud, Head of Network Asset Management at CitiPower Powercor. "We believe C55 will move the business forward and give us a holistic view of our investment programs, so we can continue to improve the safety and reliability of our network."

"CitiPower Powercor is our fourth C55 implementation in the Australian power utility industry," said Darren Gloster, COO of ARMS Reliability. "We are thrilled to be building a community focused on making more objective, risk-informed investment decisions that deliver the greatest value for the lowest capital cost." 

"We're pleased to welcome CitiPower Powercor to the growing community of Australian utilities that are embracing C55," said Judi Hess, Copperleaf CEO. "We look forward to working with our partner ARMS Reliability to support VPN's commitment to providing safe, reliable, and high-quality service to its customers."

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