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How do you know if your new plant or project is designed to deliver the target level of performance? 

Too often this assessment is made using high-level assumptions leading to a conservative approach resulting in higher capital costs and at times undiscovered single points of failure in the plant. 

Whether it is a Greenfield capital project, existing plant expansion or the replacement of existing installed equipment, you need justification that the asset maintenance strategy will support your production uptime targets for the long haul.

This webinar will outline the steps you should take to build an effective reliability foundation from feasibility to execution.  

  1. Conducting scenario modelling of the plant design and configuration to ensure the plant meets its availability and production requirements at the lowest cost  
  2. Preventing hidden failures and bottlenecks caused by poor plant design  
  3. Developing budget predictions around availability, capacity, labor needs, spares needs, and maintenance costs  
  4. Efficiently building maintenance strategies for projects that help ensure the predicted availability is realized 
  5. Quickly deploying strategies for execution in the field 
  6. Sustaining optimal reliability strategies over time 

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