Identify vulnerabilities. Quantify risks.

Prioritize corrective actions.

Vulnerability Assessment Analysis is a rapid, effective, data driven, facilitated consolidation of a cross-functional assessment of the current state of operations and assets. Once identified, vulnerabilities are risk assessed, and ranked according to the corporate risk framework.


Are you experiencing any of these problems?

  • You have unidentified, unquantified risks associated with your operations
  • You have unknown risks driven by work arounds, materials issues, obsolescence and organizational dysfunction
  • There is no complete picture of risk or clear risk priorities to address

ARMS Reliability developed a proprietary VAA process, supported by a technical solution, that delivers a complete picture of vulnerabilities for the asset/s selected, considering a customizable vulnerability question set. The outcome is a complete Vulnerability Assessment Map and Prioritization (see example) using the agreed risk management framework.

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How ARMS Reliability Helps

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A complete, consolidated, vulnerability risk map

Identify all areas of vulnerability and quantify the associated risk in alignment with an agreed risk framework. 

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Identify vulnerability at any stage of an asset life

A VAA study can be completed at any stage of an asset life and then updated periodically to ensure the current vulnerabilities are identified, quantified and addressed to manage risk.

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Prioritized list of corrective actions

The outcome of a VAA study is a prioritized list of corrective actions with accountabilities and timelines, linked to the associated risk and vulnerability identified.

Our Applied VAA Solutions

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We apply a proven methodology to deliver a cost effective and comprehensive VAA. Our approach includes, preparation, awareness, facilitation, validation and reporting.

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A VAA can continue to add value on an ongoing basis if it is updated periodically. The VAA update can be completed efficiently to review current vulnerability status, consider new items, and to reprioritize vulnerability reduction actions. 

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