Identify performance detractors. Assess alternatives. Improve availability.

System availability models are a powerful, objective, communication and analysis tool to illustrate the capability of the system, identify bottlenecks or detractors from performance, and assess what improvement in system performance you can gain given improvement alternatives.


Are you experiencing any of these problems?

  • Less availability or capacity than required to meet performance goals
  • Both operation and maintenance related downtime, delays or capacity issues
  • System has never met the performance targets in place

Our detailed, asset-related system availability models, incorporate operational, maintenance and capacity issues. We provide a holistic system performance prediction, by modeling system redundancy, surge or buffer levels, contingencies, and work arounds. Utilizing a Reliability Block Diagram (RBD) model, detailed equipment failure characteristics and maintenance data can be taken into account if required. The result is a digital system model that will determine exactly what performance the system can deliver, and what needs to change to improve performance.

How ARMS Reliability Helps

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Improve availability

The RBD model can be used to identify the key detractors to system performance then assess what improvements can be made in system performance given specific changes in the individual detractors.

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Identify key areas of downtime

Where there are multiple causes of downtime, it can be challenging to determine exactly where the opportunity for improvement lies. A complete, accurate RBD model will clearly identify the impact that specific categories of downtime contribute to overall performance. Improvement plans can then be compiled to address the issues and  achieve the required performance gains.

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Determine maximum system performance

Can your system actually meet the targets you have? In many cases, system performance goals are based on escalating business requirements and therefore can become disconnected to what the system can actually generate. A system availability model will determine the maximum system performance given the equipment and operational regime.

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The improved availability and capacity will more than pay for the additional cost and provide the best value.

Rodney Pickett, Asset Management Engineer
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