Find the root causes. Implement better solutions. Eliminate recurring defects.

The reality is that any system or production process will experience defects from wide ranging causes. What’s critical is that defects are analyzed, causes are identified and understood, and effective solutions are applied, such that the defect is eliminated from the system.


Are you experiencing any of these problems?

  • Some defects seem to keep reoccurring
  • There are different defects which appear to be caused by some systemic causes
  • You conduct Root Cause Analysis (RCA) but don’t have faith in the solutions getting implemented or the benefit being realized
  • There is a lack of consistency in RCAs, with people getting stuck on opinion rather than facts

ARMS Reliability have deep expertise in both facilitating large or complex incidents and defects, and implementing defect elimination programs using sound RCA principles as a basis to the investigations. Our approach is to provide education, at the same time as skilled facilitators, and the development of a defect elimination program which supports the organization. The result is a formal defect elimination program which is effective and self sustaining.

How ARMS Reliability Helps

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Solve recurring problems

Our approach and chosen RCA methodology ensures that in every investigation, we establish the cause and effect relationships, collect evidence and generate effective solutions that will prevent the recurrence of problems.

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Embed an effective defect elimination program

Using our structured facilitative approach to program development ensures effective implementation, uptake and alignment of the defect elimination program to your organization.

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Program implementation and support

We can establish quick wins with a defect elimination program through initial implementation assistance and on going support, including technical solutions as required, education and awareness sessions and initial investigation support.

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Facilitation support

Our external facilitators can add efficiency and value to particularly large or complex investigations. Our experienced hand enables a structured, evidence-based, analysis leading to the best solutions.

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Program audit

Regular program success audits are key to ensure your program remains healthy, continues to address appropriate problems, effective solutions are being generated and implemented and performance is improving.

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