We believe that asset performance drives business performance.

The performance of your assets fundamentally governs the performance of your enterprise. To be effective at driving up performance and controlling costs, asset strategy and asset health processes should be connected and aligned. They must also be connected to the EAM application and work management process to drive changes through to work execution in the field.

Our approach to Asset Performance Management (APM) connects the traditionally siloed functions, creating a platform for holistic asset health and risk visualizations, and a sound foundation supporting data-driven asset performance management.

Cordant Asset Performance Management combines health, strategy, and defect elimination capabilities into an integrated environment for a complete and quantified view of asset related risk and cost opportunity. It leverages advanced analytics and connected data sets to drive intelligent, continuous improvement, unlocking productivity and enabling insight-led decision making to achieve the optimal balance of performance, cost and risk.

How We Help

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Deliver Predictable Performance

Create a seamless connection between asset condition, strategy, and execution to manage unplanned costs, mitigate risk, and avoid catastrophic failure.

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Drive Continuous Improvement

Ensure any operating context or asset changes are reflected in asset strategies and monitoring applications in real-time. Drive changes through to work execution in the field.

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Increase Productivity

Maximize and sustain efficiency and productivity increase through intelligent, real-time, and risk-based reliability management.

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Lower Maintenance Costs

Make data-driven decisions to reduce the cost of maintenance plans without impacting desired performance or risk.

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Prioritize Resources

Connect all of the data required to understand and quantify the risks from each asset management function, informing decisions on how to prioritize and allocate resources.

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Demonstrate Compliance

Optimize workflow and increase visibility of strategy execution to manage and demonstrate compliance.

Cordant™ Asset Performance Management

Integrate asset strategy, asset health, and defect elimination for intelligent and actionable APM.

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