Rapidly developed. Financially optimized. Consistent and complete. 

The preventive maintenance strategies that are deployed will have a major impact on the resulting performance, where the completeness, accuracy and consistency will ensure that implementation and uptake is effective. Overcome the challenges with your preventive maintenance planning process, and deliver consistency, justification, efficiency, and effectiveness of the development and deployment of strategies.


Are you experiencing any of these problems?

  • Maintenance strategy development is inefficient and costly
  • Maintenance strategy development doesn't seem to take into account previous work or current plans
  • There is a disconnect between strategy development and practical deployment
  • Maintenance strategy development becomes opinion based rather than justified on the basis of data and document assumptions

Through our extensive project and engineering team experience, ARMS Reliability has built significant maintenance strategy development experience and equipment expertise allowing us to develop our proprietary project execution framework, focused on cost effective development and deployment projects.

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How ARMS Reliability Helps

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Efficient and cost effective strategy development

Applying our deep reliability expertise with digital baseline strategies, our maintenance strategy development process is rapid, efficient, and allows for customization.

Digital maintenance strategies are dynamically applied to an asset structure, accounting for asset criticality, make and model, and duty. This process ensures consistent, quality assured, compliant master data ready for deployment to your EAM. 

In comparison to other methods, our unique approach significantly reduces the time to get you from the start of a development project to executing new strategies in the field.

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Utilize existing data for a fast start

Why start from a blank page? Our process engages and consolidates the content of our proprietary equipment digital baseline strategy database, with your existing maintenance plans, and any other existing reliability work in the most efficient and effective way.

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Rule-based work packing engine

Maintenance plans are effectively and automatically grouped into Master Data structures in alignment with your EAM system and master data standards.

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Connect strategy development to your EAM

Our proprietary strategy development framework is an end to end process that maintains a live connection right from the use of baseline digital strategies through to deployment in the EAM system.

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Data driven strategy decision making

Our process, skilled analysts and facilitators are trained to utilize all available data and condense subjective opinion into clear assumptions so that the resulting strategies can be challenged, justified and improved over time.

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Workflow engine drives change management

A workflow engine ensures a complete audit trail of decisions and supporting justification enabling effective decision making and content approval processes.

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Over the course of the project, ARMS Reliability supplied professional reliability engineers that worked directly with both the project team and the operations team; and used a traditional RCM approach to deliver the required asset strategy.

Due to the nature of a greenfield project - and in some cases limited amounts of data - they were also able to identify opportunities to reduce analysis time by using a streamlined RCM process to deliver the strategies quickly while maintaining a high level of reliability.

Hugh Beveridge, Engineering Manager
AngloGold Ashanti