Consistent and structured. Quality assured. Complete Master Data.

The efficiency of any improvement work is greatly compromised with poor master data, restricting visibility into identifying improvement areas and comparison of like assets and plans manual and complicated. Quite simply, maintenance plan execution quality can be compromised through incomplete or inconsistent Master Data.


Are you experiencing any of these problems?

  • Work execution is inefficient because of incomplete master data
  • Similar assets have different maintenance plan structures and/or tasks
  • Asset structures look different in different areas, or the plan, or across plants
  • Significant manual work is required to leverage improvements across the entire asset base

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Through our comprehensive approach to maintenance strategy development, ARMS Reliability have developed deep expertise in structured Master Data generation for all maintenance strategies and plans and the related data elements, such as assets and materials. Our process involves the deployment of consistent, generic structures and Master Data elements, where agreed Master Data rules and quality standards are used to automatically generate consistent, quality assured, Master Data.

How ARMS Reliability Helps

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Consistent asset hierarchies

Ensuring a consistent approach to asset hierarchies enables the development and deployment of effective maintenance strategies to the right asset, consistently. This approach also enables consistent master data collection, in the form of work order history, which supports ongoing improvement of asset performance.

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Complete master data sets

Our holistic approach to master data, ensures the execution of maintenance strategies is accurate and efficient, from planning and scheduling phases, through to the physical execution of maintenance activities. It is this approach that immediately delivers value to your maintenance execution team, by providing them with the most up to date master data required to execute the maintenance plan.

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Rule-based master data generation

Rule-based master data generation ensures a consistent and standardized approach to generating master data associated with:

  • Functional location hierarchies
  • Materials
  • Maintenance strategy task packaging
  • Create new / change / delete - maintenance strategy data-sets

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After working with ARMS Reliability, our processing plant is ready for anything. The operations and maintenance teams can continually build on our optimized maintenance strategies using live data - to continuously improve and enhance them, and greatly improve the overall performance of the plant.

Rodney Pickett, Asset Management Engineering Manager
Avista Utilities