Learning Objectives 

  • An introduction to effective problem-solving using Root Cause Analysis 
  • This is a perfect first course into effective problem solving and is a recommended course for anyone who will participate in Root Cause Analysis 
  • Students will learn how to apply RCA to both simple systems and complex groups of systems 


Key Learnings 

  • The students will learn how to perform an RCA. They will work numerous instructor-led exercises that build upon each other to learn how to identify causes and to recognize the differences in cause types. 
  • The students will be exposed to the Cause Tree methodology that grows into a much stronger result when compared to a simple linear 5-why approach. 
  • Following a step-by-step method to solve any problem the workplace can present, each module builds upon the progression of effective solution generation that complements the RCA Facilitator Course. 

Course Information

Duration and Delivery arrow icon
  • 1-day face-to-face classroom, or 
  • 8-hours remote web conferencing, typically over 2 days 

Who should attend? arrow icon

Supervisors, Engineers, LEAN Specialists, 6 Sigma Black Belts, Maintenance Trades, Designers Engineers, Safety Representatives, Operators, Administrators, Continuous / Healthcare Improvement Specialists, Business Analysts, IT Professionals, HR Personnel. 

Languages arrow icon
  • English 
  • Spanish 
  • German 
  • Portuguese 
  • Chinese (Mandarin / Simplified Chinese) 

Learning path arrow icon
  • Prerequisites: None  

Next Steps: 

  • Practice! And then grow into a Facilitator with the RCA Facilitators Course