Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to use the AvSim (Availability Simulation) module of Availability Workbench™.
  • Learn what a Reliability Block Diagram is used for and how to construct the logic to replicate a plant or system process.
  • Acquire the skills to calculate system availability and capacity (throughput) figures over a lifetime. Build the model at a high level, or low level and capture maintenance task data, spares usage data and perform spares holding cost optimisation.

Key Learnings

  • How to use the AvSim module of Availability Workbench™ and understand where it fits into the whole suite.
  • Experience all the key features of AvSim from model build through to simulations and results output.
  • Participate in real world exercises to develop availability and capacity models which replicate reality as closely as possible using all the key features of AvSim.
  • See how data from the Weibull module and RCMCost module can be easily and efficiently brought across into AvSim.

Why you should attend:

  • Interested in Isograph’s Availability Workbench™ and want to see and learn how to use it.
  • New greenfields site or applying a significant design change to an existing plant and want to know how the design will perform from an Availability and Capacity viewpoint using Reliability based data.
  • Existing site and want to understand which assets in the plant are causing most loss of Availability.
  • Want to model a plant shutdown / turnaround and understand differing scenarios to optimise intervals and durations.
  • A need to optimize spares due to significant downtime, unnecessary spending but unsure how to plan.


Duration and Delivery arrow icon
  • 2-days face-to-face classroom, or
  • 15-hours remote web conferencing, typically over 3 days

Additional information arrow icon

When this course is provided privately, it can be extended to include a third day focusing on further client scenario exercises to drive a greater understanding of applying RBDs.

Who should attend? arrow icon

Reliability Engineers, Asset Performance Managers, Project Engineers, Maintenance Analysts, Maintenance Supervisors, Design Engineers, Plant Performance Engineers

Program arrow icon

Day 1

  • Introduction to System Availability Analysis
  • Types of Reliability Block Diagram modelling
  • Creating Reliability Block Diagrams; Series vs Parallel
  • How to represent Capacity or Throughput
  • The Process; including Consequences & Simulation
  • Alternate Scenario Analysis
  • Interactive Exercises to Build-up the RBD complexity

Day 2

  • RBD Software Exposure
  • Adding Failure Modes & Maintenance
  • Increasing Complexity with Nodes & Phases
  • Interactive Exercises to Build-up RBD Skills
  • Non Linear Capacity Loss
  • Putting it all together
  • Importing Data to Accelerate Model Building

Day 3 (Optional)

  • Further learning by building an RBD as a group using a client system

Benefits arrow icon

Enables engineers to develop techniques for improving plant availability using the Isograph Availability Workbench AvSim module. Provides a logical step into becoming an expert in using this reliability dedicated software.

Language arrow icon
  • English
  • Spanish

Learning Path arrow icon

Prerequisites: None 

Next Steps: AWB101 – The Weibull Module, AWB201 – The RCMCost Module, AWB401 – The LCC Module