Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to develop logical, justified maintenance strategies following the Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) approach.
  • Leverage powerful reliability software to optimize your plans in a simulated environment leading to effective plan implementation. Analyse and utilize failure data to drive improvement.
  • Deliver successful outcomes and meet business objectives through quantifying and calculating business benefits and risk reduction.

Key Learnings

  • Discover how to analyse failure data by going further than just MTBF; this course introduces the Weibull distribution and demonstrates using software how this methodology will drive superior maintenance results.
  • Linking the Weibull distribution to the logical Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) approach, this class will provide a justified outcome to maintenance strategies that can be implemented through to preventative maintenance documentation.
  • By utilizing software to logically follow the step-by-step pathway to optimized maintenance strategy development the course will drive excellent asset performance at low cost and risk.

Why you should attend:

  • Currently following OEM recommendations, but would like to optimize
  • High maintenance costs and unplanned downtime
  • Want immediate performance improvement and to reduce costs, but don’t know where to start
  • Continually under-performing due to current design not meeting business goals
  • Consistently exceeding your maintenance budget
  • Currently using too many generic or inconsistent strategies
  • Want to learn the framework to move out of reactive state to a proactive state
  • A need to optimize spares due to significant downtime, unnecessary spending but unsure how to plan

Course Information

Duration and Delivery arrow icon
  • 2-days face-to-face classroom, or
  • 15-hours remote web conferencing, typically over 3 days

Additional information arrow icon

When this course is provided privately, it can be extended to include a third day focusing on further exercises to drive a greater understanding of applying an RCM approach using the dedicated software.

Who should attend? arrow icon

Reliability Engineers, Project Engineers, Maintenance Analysts, Maintenance Supervisors, Design Engineers, Plant Performance Engineers, RCM Team Members

Program arrow icon

Day 1

  • Analyzing failure data. Utilizing MTBF & MTTR and explaining the flaws.
  • Introducing the Weibull distribution and its benefits for Reliability data analysis. The importance of analysis at a failure mode level and applying the corresponding Weibull shape.
  • Practical exercises analyzing failure and suspensions data with Weibull. How to analyse with limited failure data. How to be more efficient with failure analysis.
  • Introducing the RCM methodology approach for maintenance optimization.
  • How to justify maintenance by linking through Business Goals & Asset Strategies.
  • Identifying system boundaries, functional analysis & failure mode definitions.
  • Applying failure consequences for cost & risk, and failure frequencies. Analyzing the Run-To-Failure strategy.
  • Inspections, predictive maintenance & preventative choices. Understanding P-F intervals.

Day 2

  • Learning by doing exercises; understanding the complexities of calculating maintenance justification without computers.
  • Building an RCM model from scratch. Performing task optimization as a group, identifying the optimal strategy & intervals, and justifying the reasons.
  • Grouping of tasks to create maintenance plans.
  • Preparing for implementation; load sheet into CMMS creation and preventative maintenance instruction documents.

Day 3 (Optional)

  • Further learning by doing exercises, add complexity. Building an RCM model from scratch. Performing task optimization as a group, identifying the optimal strategy & intervals, and justifying the reasons. Showing the comparison of cost & risk.
  • Importing failure data, creating Weibull sets, linking to the RCM model.

Benefits arrow icon

Enables engineers to develop justified, optimized maintenance strategies following an RCM approach.

Languages arrow icon
  • English
  • Spanish

Learning Path arrow icon
  • Prerequisites: None 
  • Next Steps: Method specific courses e.g. Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis FMECA101, Improving Plant Availability using Reliability Block Diagrams RBD101