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Icon Water Transitions to Asset Strategy Management with OnePM


Water Treatment Plant

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Australia - Icon Water is partnering with ARMS Reliability to put best practice digital Asset Strategy Management in place across its more than $2.4 billion AUD in water and sewerage assets.

Icon Water is the ACT's supplier of essential water and wastewater services. They own and operate assets comprising the ACT's network of dams, water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, reservoirs, water and sewage pumping stations, mains and other related infrastructure.

In line with their core company value of excellence, Icon Water set out to boost their Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) toolkit and launched an RCM improvement initiative.

Following the evolution of the business to Oracle Utilities Work and Asset Management, it was clear there was an opportunity to ensure that optimised maintenance strategies existed for all assets - not just critical assets. It was an ideal time to transition from Excel to a digital Asset Strategy Management solution.

"We're always focused on providing quality and reliable services to our customers and community," said Andrew Behn, Team Leader Maintenance Engineering & Delivery Planning at Icon Water.

"As our asset base grows and our assets age, it is even more important for our maintenance strategies to be well planned and executed.  By working with ARMS Reliability we are able to leverage industry best practice tools so we can deploy the best possible solutions for our entire asset base in the most efficient manner."

"ARMS Reliability have been a great partner - they have worked closely with us to truly understand our challenges, and continue to provide considerable depth of knowledge and support throughout the process." 

Using OnePM, Icon Water will be able to quickly build, deploy, and update maintenance strategies for one asset and instantly make that change across all similar assets.

In addition to OnePM, Icon Water will use Isograph's Availability Workbench™ to ensure strategies can be tailored to suit future budgetary constraints based on cost and risk, and maintenance strategy effectiveness can be demonstrated using data and analytics.

"We're looking forward to supporting Icon Water during the initial phase of building optimal strategies for their asset base," said Amir Datoo, Technical Manager for ARMS Reliability.

"The first steps of implementation are an extremely important part of the process and we will make sure Icon Water is set up to deliver the ideal balance of cost and risk as well as improved asset performance."

The implementation of OnePM kicked off with a three day workshop involving ARMS Reliability and Icon Water's Maintenance and IT teams. Phase two includes installation and configuration, as well as the creation of 418 equipment strategies for over 700,000 assets, expected to be completed by the end of November.


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ARMS Reliability Named Among Top 20 Most Promising EAM Solution Providers


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AUSTIN, Texas - ARMS Reliability was recently named by CIOReview to the magazine's 2018 list of the 20 Most Promising EAM [enterprise asset management] Solution  Providers, for its innovative OnePM® software platform.

"We're honored that OnePM is being recognized as a game-changing digital asset-management solution," noted ARMS Reliability CEO Jason Apps. "OnePM® puts companies back in control of their risks and costs, through continuous dynamic deployment of digital strategies to physical assets. The OnePM software solution becomes the backbone of the organization's asset-reliability knowledge base; it connects and integrates with the maintenance-management process, and delivers improvements in performance, productivity, and efficiency."

CIOReview is a leading technology magazine that connects enterprise IT vendors and buyers, and helps identify solutions that can redefine enterprise business goals for the future. According to the publication, the purpose of the Top 20 list is "to help CIOs zero in on the right EAM solutions for their organizations …. The future of EAM is about examining how we use technology in the real world and making it easier to use, so we can not only maintain our assets, but also optimize the value of them."

Each year, CIOReview puts together a distinguished panel made up of CEOs, CIOs, venture capitalists, and analysts - including the magazine's editorial board - to review the front runners in EAM technology solutions and select those at the leading edge of tackling industry challenges. The annual Top 20 list highlights companies that "have manifested profound business process knowledge, along with in-depth, integrated, and innovative strategies in the EAM technology arena."

OnePM is a revolutionary Asset Strategy Management solution that serves as a consistent thread through all maintenance systems. It enables organizations to capture and review data from all sources, so they can efficiently and effectively manage and improve digital strategies for their entire asset base - supporting their operations with financially optimized strategies. 

"Leveraging our technology, companies can now continuously monitor every strategy and identify areas of improvement or risk in real time," explained Apps. "By implementing the most optimum strategy and maintaining the balance between cost, risk, and performance, our clients gain substantial returns on their investment through an improvement in their bottom line. We're incredibly proud of the OnePM® platform and the important value it delivers."

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ARMS Reliability’s OnePM® Wins Solution Award for Reliability Engineering for Maintenance


FORT MYERS, Florida - ARMS Reliability recently received Uptime® magazine's Solution Award for Reliability Engineering for Maintenance for its innovative digital asset strategy management solution, OnePM®.

"Most organizations are stuck in a cycle of reactive maintenance, largely because their asset strategies are static," explained ARMS Reliability's CEO, Jason Apps. "Reliability strategy is dynamic, and OnePM® is the first asset strategy management solution that drives dynamic digital strategies."

Uptime® serves more than 50,000 reliability leaders and asset management professionals; the Solution Awards Program recognizes companies demonstrating innovation in software, products, services, and training for reliability and asset management. ARMS Reliability and five other Solution Award winners were honored with a special awards ceremony at the RELIABILITY® Conference, hosted by®, on April 25th in Las Vegas. The conference features world-class reliability and maintenance vendors offering innovative solutions to the biggest challenges faced by organizations worldwide. 

OnePM® is a revolutionary asset strategy management solution that serves as a consistent thread through all maintenance systems. It enables an organization to capture and review data from all sources, so they can effectively manage and improve digital strategies for their entire asset base. OnePM® drives consistency, quality, and effectiveness of digital asset strategies, and seamless dynamic deployment to an EAM system for execution.

OnePM® manages risk and drives performance improvement through data driven insight leveraged across the organization's assets, so teams can quickly apply an optimized digital strategy across groups of similar assets. For example, if a failure occurs on a gearbox, and there are dozens of the same type of gearbox onsite, the same strategy can be instantly added to all assets with that gearbox.

"OnePM® helps you deliver real value to your organization through dynamic implementation of strategies that realize the target risk, cost, and performance," Apps affirmed. "The goal is to be in control of asset performance, manage safety risks, increase productivity, and decrease costs.

"We are incredibly proud of the OnePM® platform and the value it delivers," concluded Apps, "And we're extremely honored to have our work recognized with this prestigious Solution Award."


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Victoria Power Networks Harnesses the Power of Copperleaf C55 for Investment Portfolio Decision Making



Victoria Power Networks (VPN), which includes CitiPower Powercor, has selected the Copperleaf C55 Decision Analytics software solution to help improve decisions related to asset investments. CitiPower Powercor delivers electricity to more than 1.1 million customers across metropolitan, regional and rural Victoria and is the fourth Australian utility to implement Copperleaf C55. Copperleaf has teamed up with ARMS Reliability, a global provider of asset management solutions, to enable leading Australian utilities to make risk-informed and value-based investment decisions.

The Copperleaf C55 solution provides a methodology, process, and technology that identifies the most important projects to execute and optimizes the value delivered by project portfolios. C55 will enable VPN to more effectively predict long-term asset needs and make investment decisions that ensure network reliability. In an ever-changing power landscape, this will allow VPN to be fully equipped to deliver the highest possible value to its customers and shareholders, while proactively managing risk. 

"VPN decided to implement C55 to better align our capital and operational spending with strategic intent," said John Mifsud, Head of Network Asset Management at CitiPower Powercor. "We believe C55 will move the business forward and give us a holistic view of our investment programs, so we can continue to improve the safety and reliability of our network."

"CitiPower Powercor is our fourth C55 implementation in the Australian power utility industry," said Darren Gloster, COO of ARMS Reliability. "We are thrilled to be building a community focused on making more objective, risk-informed investment decisions that deliver the greatest value for the lowest capital cost." 

"We're pleased to welcome CitiPower Powercor to the growing community of Australian utilities that are embracing C55," said Judi Hess, Copperleaf CEO. "We look forward to working with our partner ARMS Reliability to support VPN's commitment to providing safe, reliable, and high-quality service to its customers."

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Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal selects OnePM® for Asset Strategy Management


Slide -01

Queensland, Australia - One of the largest coal terminals in the world has become the first company in the coal industry to use OnePM®  as its preferred tool for Asset Strategy Management. Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal, south of Mackay in Queensland, Australia is using the latest tool from ARMS Reliability to manage its round-the-clock operations.

OnePM® is an innovative Asset Strategy Management solution that acts as a thread across all maintenance systems, allowing organisations to capture and review data from all sources to enhance asset strategies, save time and improve performance. 

OnePM® enables the team of onsite reliability engineers to manage assets more efficiently. If there is an equipment failure, OnePM®  can instantly bring up a failure mode and maintenance activity for the asset; if there is no failure mode yet added, it is quick and easy to add one to a piece of equipment, along with mitigating tasks to prevent the failure from happening again. 

Furthermore, OnePM®  enables the team to quickly apply a strategy across groups of similar assets. For example, if a failure occurs on a gear box, and there are 50 other instances of the gear box onsite, then the asset strategy can instantly be added to all pieces of equipment that use the gear box. 

"Coal terminals - like many other asset-intensive industries - have many common asset types, like conveyors, ship loaders, stacker reclaimers, even down to train unloading systems. The ability to modify one particular asset and then efficiently push the variation across all similar assets is a real game-changer," said Craig Brydges, General Manager of Operations, ARMS Reliability.

"OnePM® is the first Asset Strategy Management platform that enables this instant replication across assets. It's very new and exciting - we are very proud to support Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal in the uptake of this innovative technology." 

Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal has worked with ARMS Reliability for 20 years and this represents the next phase in their Asset Strategy Management evolution. For the team of three reliability engineers, OnePM® frees up their time to focus on their core role of improving reliability. 

"Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal has worked with ARMS Reliability since the early 2000s. We have always been very impressed with the solutions they present, and were very keen to give OnePM® a go," said Lindsey Wiggins, Senior Reliability Engineer, Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal.

"During the trial period, OnePM® more than proved itself. The platform provides complete transparency and accountability into asset strategy management, and is helping us to save time and money."   


About Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal

Located at the Port of Hay Point, Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal is part of one of the largest coal exporting ports in the world. The terminal operates around the clock exporting thermal and metallurgical coal from Central Queensland's Bowen Basin mines to ports around the world.

The terminal is a common user facility, owned by the Queensland State Government and leased to Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal Management (Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal M) on a 50-year lease, with a 49-year option, to operate, maintain and develop the terminal.

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ARMS Reliability to perform RAMS analysis of Clean TeQ’s Syerston Project


Clean TeQ has engaged ARMS Reliability to predict the availability and capacity of its Syerston Project in New South Wales before the mine gets the final green light for construction.

The Syerston Project, owned by Clean TeQ, is one of the highest grade and largest nickel and cobalt deposits outside of Africa; and one of the largest and highest-grade scandium deposits in the world. Nickel and cobalt fuel the fast-growing lithium-ion battery industry; while scandium is a vital ingredient for lightweight aluminium alloys, ideal for transport applications.

The nickel and cobalt sulphate, and by-product scandium, will be extracted from ore using Clean TeQ's Clean-iX® technology.

Clean TeQ is currently finalizing a Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS) and transitioning into the Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) Phase of the project.  As part of this, ARMS Reliability is performing a RAMS study which will help to further understand plant capability and constraints and to test design scenarios. Clean TeQ is designing a highly automated plant that will minimize the need for direct interactions between the operations and maintenance workforce, and the process, with benefits in both safety and a lower operating cost.  This goal requires great understanding of the operation during the design phase and reliability is one of the tools employed for this purpose.

The key objectives of the RAMS study is to accurately predict mean availability and capacity of the system; and to rank plant availability and capacity bottlenecks by order of importance. The data obtained will enable Clean TeQ to review system design, redundancy and maintenance outage intervals.

There are two phases in the analysis. Phase One will focus on developing a model for the Ore Feed and Pressure Acid Leach (PAL) circuit areas to understand the capability of the modelling tool and complexity in developing models. Phase Two will extend the model to the entire plant.

"We're happy to help Clean TeQ on their mission to ensure superior quality, continuous improvement and positive economic outcomes. This RAMS study certainly ticks all of these boxes by identifying the availability, reliability, maintainability and impact on safety of all assets," said David Turner, Engineering Manager, ARMS Reliability.

To expedite the study, ARMS Reliability will draw upon its extensive library of equipment reliability parameters relevant to the project.

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Europe’s Largest Zinc Mine Has Engaged ARMS Reliability to Optimize Asset Performance


Boilden Tara Mine

Boliden Tara Mines has called upon ARMS Reliability to help them maximize the performance of their assets and improve the operational productivity and reliability of their operation at the optimum life cycle cost.

Boliden Tara Mines in Ireland is Europe's largest zinc mine, as well as one of the largest in a global comparison. Since mining began in 1977, more than 85 million tonnes of ore have been extracted and around 2.6 million tonnes of ore are mined annually for the production of zinc and lead concentrates.

Boliden is dedicated to efficient work processes and utilizing resources and materials efficiently in all parts of the business. In recent years, Tara has focused on improving its cost position through productivity enhancing investments and savings measures.

Following an initial onsite audit & assessment of the Boliden Tara Mines Maximo instance by ARMS Reliability's onsite consulting team, a multiphase 'Tara Maximo Improvement Project' has begun. The various project phases will capitalize on the opportunities for improvement that were identified during the initial audit and the first phase of the project is already complete.

"Our goal is to empower Boliden Tara Mine to deliver Enterprise Asset Management, and maximize the lifetime value of their assets, said Darren Gloster, Chief Operating Officer, ARMS Reliability. "The audit we completed serves as the baseline which can be compared to future performance at any time to illustrate the effectiveness of the programs that will be implemented. We look forward to continuing our support of Boliden Tara Mines as they continue on their Maximo development journey."

Mick Flynn, Mine Assets Manager at Boliden Tara Mines added, "This project will allow us to optimize the performance of every asset and gain the control to deliver against our goals and objectives. We've already seen great results from the initial work that has been completed and see a clear path towards the efficiencies that are possible with a fully customized and optimized Maximo system."

About ARMS Reliability

ARMS Reliability is a global consulting firm, helping some of the world's largest resource, utility, manufacturing and power generation companies to achieve business goals through effective asset management and improvements in operational productivity. At the forefront of asset management strategies and technology, our expertise, methods, and tools empower clients to make proactive asset investment and management decisions that optimize capital investments, plant maintenance, reliability and availability at minimal cost and risk.

About Boliden

Boliden is a high-tech metal company with its own mines and smelters that work over the long term to guarantee society's supply of base metals and precious metals through the mining of ore (minerals) and the production and delivery of high-quality metals to industry. Our high productivity is based on experience, innovation and advanced technology, developed in collaboration with Nordic technology and engineering companies. Today, around 5,500 people work at Boliden, which has operations in Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Ireland.

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Gruyere Joint Venture selects ARMS Reliability for maintenance strategy development on greenfield gold mine site


ARMS Reliability has begun work on a greenfield maintenance strategy development project for the Gruyere Gold Project, a 50:50 Joint Venture between Gold Fields Limited and Gold Road Resources Limited, located within the Yamarna greenstone belt around 200km east of Laverton in WA.

The Gruyere Joint Venture (Gruyere JV) has defined a significant gold deposit of 148 million tonnes grading 1.3 grams per tonne for 6.1 million ounces of contained gold, making it one of the largest undeveloped gold deposits in Australia.

In an effort to leverage the value of conducting maintenance studies on greenfield sites, the Gruyere JV has brought ARMS Reliability in prior to the commissioning of the gold mine to set the scene for success in its asset management department.

ARMS Reliability will execute a Reliability, Availability, Maintainability (RAM) study on the design of the plant; and will also develop RCM based maintenance strategies and spare parts cataloging.

"We selected ARMS Reliability because of their proven track record in RAM modelling, and their experience in working on greenfield sites like the Gruyere Gold Project. Undergoing a RAMS study will ensure that this project delivers the most value to our stakeholders," said Brett Foster, Manager - Processing, Gruyere JV.

"By getting in early and conducting these maintenance studies now, we will save money and resources down the track by ensuring optimum performance of the plant from the outset. When we hit the 'go live' button, all maintenance costs and schedules will be well defined- We don't want any surprises," Mr. Foster said.

Gruyere Gold Project has commenced detail engineering, design and construction on site. The ARMS Reliability maintenance project will confirm the design of the plant from a capacity and availability perspective, to ensure it meets throughput targets.

Other benefits of conducting a comprehensive maintenance study on a greenfield site include:

  • Plenty of time to make adjustments to the plant to meet availability targets before construction is complete
  • Detailed maintenance strategies are uploaded into the CMMS and ready for execution before the commissioning phase of the project, and can then be tested during the commission phase and fine-tuned as required
  • Spare parts to support the maintenance strategy are loaded to the CMMS and attached to relevant maintenance strategies to support efficient planning of maintenance
  • Detailed maintenance budget including labour hours can be reviewed and profiled before plant is in operation

As a plant moves closer to commissioning and operations, the ability to influence its RAM capability diminishes greatly.

"ARMS Reliability is delighted to be working on a project with such significance as the Gruyere Gold Project, particularly from such an early stage. We look forward to delivering a maintenance strategy that greatly reduces the probability of failure, increases uptime, and reduces maintenance costs for the life of the mine," said Craig Brydges, Business Development Manager, ARMS Reliability.

The ARMS Reliability project will be finished by September 2018.


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Australia’s Largest Electricity Network Selects Copperleaf C55 and ARMS Reliability for Value-Based Capital Investment Planning


Bigstock --electrical

Melbourne, VIC, March, 2017

The operator of one of Australia's largest electricity networks, Essential Energy, has selected the Copperleaf C55 decision analytics solution to support its investment planning and decision-making processes. 

A NSW Government-owned corporation, Essential Energy delivers essential network services to more than 800,000 homes and businesses across 95 per cent of NSW and parts of southern Queensland. 

With a focus on continuously improving safety performance, operating at best industry practice, and minimising network charges to customers, Essential Energy recognised an opportunity to enhance its ability to optimise capital projects, manage risk, and meet regulatory and customer driven performance targets.

Copperleaf C55 provided a solution that will allow them to identify the optimal set of investments and timing that deliver the greatest value to the organisation across multiple portfolios.

"The energy industry in Australia is undergoing significant change with an increasing need to improve efficiency and Essential Energy needs to meet that challenge," said Essential Energy's Acting General Manager, Asset Management, Paul Brazier. "Having such a large geographical footprint it is imperative that we manage our assets as effectively and efficiently as possible."

CEO of Copperleaf, Judi Hess, said she was excited to welcome Essential Energy to the growing community of companies using Copperleaf solutions in Australia and around the world.

"This highlights the increasing demand in the Australian market for decision analytics, and is in recognition of C55's unique ability to help leading energy companies proactively manage risk and improve their overall performance by selecting the optimal set of investments." 

"We are honored to have been selected by Essential Energy and look forward to working together with our partner ARMS Reliability to help Essential Energy achieve its goals.

"We are thrilled to see asset investment planning gaining such momentum in the Australian power utilities industry. Essential Energy marks the third electricity organisation where we will support the implementation of Copperleaf's C55 solution," said Jason Apps, CEO of ARMS Reliability. "Our team looks forward to supporting Essential Energy in their mission to optimise investments, maximise value and deliver reliable and sustainable power across Australia."

Learn more about Copperleaf C55


About ARMS Reliability

ARMS Reliability is a global consulting firm, helping some of the world's largest resource, utility and power generation companies to achieve business goals through effective asset management and improvements in operational productivity.

At the forefront of asset management strategies and technology, our expertise, methods and tools empower clients to make proactive asset investment and management decisions that optimise capital expenditure, plant maintenance, reliability and availability at minimal cost and risk.


About Copperleaf Technologies

Copperleaf provides decision analytics to companies managing critical infrastructure. Our enterprise software solutions leverage operational and financial data to help clients make investment decisions that deliver the highest business value. In 2016, Canadian Businessnamed Copperleaf one of Canada's top 20 Fastest-Growing Software Companies. Copperleaf actively participates in the Institute of Asset Management (IAM) and the ISO 55000 standards committee. Headquartered in Vancouver, our solutions are distributed and supported by regional staff and partners worldwide. We are committed to building a better world, one decision at a time.


For further information, please contact:

Copperleaf Technologies
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United Energy and Multinet Gas Select Copperleaf C55


Melbourne, VIC

The Copperleaf C55 decision analytics solution has been chosen by United Energy and Multinet Gas.  C55 has been deployed as a Cloud solution for the electricity business to enhance their asset investment planning and decision-making processes, with plans to expand it to its gas business and across IT investment.  United Energy distributes electricity to more than 669,000 customers across east and south east Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula in the state of Victoria, Australia.  Multinet Gas distributes natural gas to 692,000 customers throughout Melbourne's inner and outer east, the Yarra Ranges and South Gippsland. 

United Energy and Multinet Gas has sought to establish a more sophisticated approach to managing their asset investment programs, which is a core function of their integrated asset management system. These programs often stretch over long periods of time and involve complex and competing investment scenarios.  They recognized the need for an approach that would provide the capability and information to optimise volumes, costs and resource levels within defined time periods.

"We are challenged to deliver the greatest possible value to our organization, stakeholders, and customers, taking into consideration the many constraints presented to capital portfolio managers in the utilities industry," stated Mark Clarke, GM Networks - Electricity of United Energy and Multinet Gas. "Copperleaf C55 stood out because it provided a proven method, process and software that will allow us to develop the optimal mix and timing of projects to meet our objectives." 

"We are thrilled to welcome United Energy and Multinet Gas to the growing group of peer companies that rely on C55 to help them optimise their asset investment decisions," stated Jason Apps, ARMS Reliability CEO. "We look forward to supporting them in their mission to enhance their portfolio planning, and provide an optimal investment approach in the face of competing resources and objectives." 

"United Energy and Multinet Gas are joining the growing list of industry leaders choosing Copperleaf C55," said Copperleaf CEO Judi Hess. "We look forward to supporting them and our partner ARMS Reliability in delivering a solution that will help them achieve their goal of giving their customers access to the most advanced and efficient network, today and in the future."


Learn more about Copperleaf C55


About ARMS Reliability

ARMS Reliability is a global consulting firm, helping some of the world's largest resource, utility and power generation companies to achieve business goals through effective asset management and improvements in operational productivity.

At the forefront of asset management strategies and technology, our expertise, methods and tools empower clients to make proactive asset investment and management decisions that optimise capital expenditure, plant maintenance, reliability and availability at minimal cost and risk.


About Copperleaf Technologies

Copperleaf provides decision analytics to companies managing critical infrastructure. Our enterprise software solutions leverage operational and financial data to help clients make investment decisions that deliver the highest business value. In 2016, Canadian Businessnamed Copperleaf one of Canada's top 20 Fastest-Growing Software Companies. Copperleaf actively participates in the Institute of Asset Management (IAM) and the ISO 55000 standards committee. Headquartered in Vancouver, our solutions are distributed and supported by regional staff and partners worldwide. We are committed to building a better world, one decision at a time.


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ARMS Reliability and the Vetergy Group Team Up to Provide Comprehensive Approach to Human Reliability and Organizational Resilience


ARMS Reliability's latest collaboration with the Vetergy Group integrates a Human Factors Analysis and Classification System (HFACS) with a unique blend of consulting, education and software solutions- the Apollo Root Cause Analysis methodology and RealityCharting® software. Together, the ARMS Reliability team and Vetergy Group expand the investigative platform and the depth of services available to clients. 


"We've found that using the systematic process of the Apollo Root Cause Analysis methodology and integrating the HFACS component we enhance an understanding of an organization and are able to dig deeper into human failure," stated David Wilbur, President of the Vetergy Group. "Incorporating the Human Factors taxonomy into the Apollo Root Cause Analysis methodology allows us to expose those errors and learn from them through an organizational perspective." 


Error is a product of the operational systems we design and operate.  This new approach to problem solving shifts focus away from placing blame on individuals and examines the organizational environment that allows human error to be introduced into the system.  When these weaknesses are uncovered, the system becomes more adaptable and resilient. 


"Over the past year we have seen a growing demand for Human Factors analysis and we're proud to be able to satisfy that demand and expand the level of service provided to our clients. Teaming up with the Vetergy Group allows us to offer the most comprehensive approach to problem solving on the market," noted Darren Gloster, VP of International Operations for ARMS Reliability. 


"As we implement these Human Factors programs, we're seeing organizational resilience emerge from the cultural change that takes place," stated David Wilbur, President of Vetergy Group. "People within the organization see the mindset shift moving from errors that they have made and blame placed on them, towards this systemic understanding of the error. Organizations are becoming more transparent and a free and open dialog emerges between management and operators."


New offerings include both public and on-site training courses, Human Factors program development and implementation services, mentoring and support for investigators, and an HFACS module that integrates with RealityCharting® software. 


For more information visit


About ARMS Reliability

ARMS Reliability provides solutions to help companies achieve optimal asset performance and improve problem solving skills. ARMS Reliability is the authorized global training provider of the Apollo Root Cause Analysis methodology.  Since 1996, over 110,000 people have been trained in this effective problem solving technique. Today, it is used successfully by people in a wide variety of industries, such as resources, petro-chemical, utilities, manufacturing, aerospace, telecommunications and healthcare, to help guide them through the intricacies of formal problem analysis.


About Vetergy Group

The Vetergy Group was born of a team of U.S. Marine Corps and Naval officers with Human Factors and Safety responsibilities in their military aviation and nuclear propulsion commands. As commanders, pilots, Top Gun instructors, test pilots, accident investigators, safety officers and HFACS instructors, these individuals bring more than 40 years of combined experience in accident investigation and human factors analysis. Their culture of excellence and dedication to reducing human error is derived from an environment where there are no second chances when human error comes into play.


For further information, please contact:

ARMS Reliability
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Australian Electricity Transmission Provider, Powerlink Queensland, is first to adopt Copperleaf C55 Asset Investment Planning & Management solution


Powerlink Queensland, the electricity transmission services provider in Queensland, is the first organisation in Australia to adopt Copperleaf C55 Asset Investment Planning and Management (AIPM) solution. Powerlink is a Government Owned Corporation that owns, develops, operates and maintains the high voltage electricity transmission network that extends 1700 km from north of Cairns to the New South Wales border.


A key driver for Powerlink's Investment and Planning Division is establishing and communicating an optimised five year forecast of project work to meet service levels and manage network risks. Powerlink required a solution that helped assess the change in risk associated with network assets, and select the optimal portfolio of projects to manage those risks.


Copperleaf C55 provided a platform to evaluate the benefits and trade-offs between all of these projects more effectively, and to determine an appropriate plan that can be executed within Powerlink's budget and resource constraints.


"We are thrilled to be working with Powerlink and supporting them to achieve their business goals," stated Jason Apps, ARMS Reliability CEO. "Copperleaf C55 is quickly gaining global recognition as a leading solution for asset investment planning in power and utilities and we are excited about the opportunity that this represents in establishing a recognised benchmark within the Australian market."


"This is an exciting time for our industry. More and more organizations around the world are adopting best practices in asset management and seeking decision analytics solutions to support their investment planning-and the Australia and New Zealand market is no exception," stated Judi Hess, Copperleaf CEO. "We are delighted to welcome Powerlink to the Copperleaf Community, and look forward to working closely with ARMS Reliability to build a strong market for Copperleaf C55 in this region."


Learn more about Copperleaf C55  


About ARMS Reliability

ARMS Reliability is a global consulting firm, helping some of the world's largest resource, utility and power generation companies to achieve business goals through effective asset management and improvements in operational productivity. At the forefront of asset management strategies and technology, our expertise, methods and tools empower clients to make proactive asset investment and management decisions that optimise capital investments, plant maintenance, reliability and availability at minimal cost and risk.

About Copperleaf Technologies:

Copperleaf provides decision analytics to companies managing critical infrastructure. Our enterprise software solutions leverage operational and financial data to help our clients make investment decisions that deliver the highest business value. In 2015, Canadian Business named Copperleaf one of Canada's top 20 Fastest-Growing Software Companies. Copperleaf actively participates in the Institute of Asset Management (IAM) and the ISO 55000 standards committee. Headquartered in Vancouver, our solutions are distributed and supported by regional staff and partners worldwide. We are committed to building a better world, one decision at a time.

For further information, please contact:

ARMS Reliability
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2016 Marked the Return of the Reliability Summit in Australia and North America



ARMS Reliability was proud to host some of the top reliability, maintenance, and root cause analysis professionals in both and Melbourne, Victoria and Austin, Texas during our annual Reliability Summit.  

The Reliability Summit has been held in various cities throughout the world since 1994. It has become a premier event focused on building high-performing reliability programs by leveraging essential tools and cultivating reliability knowledge. The event brings together practitioners from all over the globe to engage, network and share their industry experiences and insights.

This year the event in Australia took place at Rydges Melbourne from the 7th - 11th of March, while the event in Austin followed April 5th - 8th, 2016. Over the course of both weeks delegates took part in skills based workshops, industry conference presentations, round-table discussions, and social/networking activities.

The prevailing theme across both events was Leadership in Reliability. Jaco Brand, Vice President of Asset Management Systems for AngloGold Ashanti Australia spoke on "Driving Reliability Change from a Management Perspective." He explained key actions and areas of focus for leaders who wish to successfully implement reliability programs into their organization. In Austin, Jeff Dudley, Former Corporate Reliability and Maintenance Director at Dow Chemical, spoke on "Creating a Reliability Culture" and explained how to lead the charge when developing the primary components that drive reliability within an organization.  

Attendees in both Australia and Austin had the opportunity to become a Certified Reliability Leader™ with the Reliability Leader workshop and CRL Exam.  We had the pleasure of hosting Terrence O'Hanlon, CEO of in Austin. He joined us in Australia via web during his virtual presentation "Reliability Leadership Transformation." Watch the recording of Terrence's presentation here.

The breakout round-table discussions were rated as one of the most popular aspects of both events. Reliability practitioners from a variety of industries joined forces to discuss their common challenges and combine their unique experience and knowledge to work towards solutions.  Some of the comments we received included, "The Reliability Summit exceeded my expectations. I found it to be a great open atmosphere for the sharing of relevant information. I learned how I can use other people's processes to help improve my own." Another attendee added, "It was helpful to gain information from more mature programs. My conversations were relevant and engaging and the group size was small enough to enable a good deal of group discussion."

We look forward to continuing our mission of enriching careers and deepening the connections among the reliability and maintenance community and look forward to seeing the majority of attendees who indicated that they plan to attend future Reliability Summit events.

Stay up to date on the return of the Reliability Summit in 2017 - Register Your Interest Here

ARMS Reliability Is Pleased to Join Forces with La Red Confiabilidad


La Red Confiabilidad Collaboration Created To Accelerate Latin America Reliability Transformation and Improved Asset Performance. and The Association of Asset Management Professionals - two industry leaders in the development and delivery of best practices for reliability leadership and asset performance management - recently announced a regional business and technology partnership to create the reliability network of the future throughout Latin America.

Spanish for "The Reliability Network," The multi-faceted relationship will offer customers best practices for Asset Performance Management supported by the UPTIME® ELEMENTS™ Reliability Framework.

Darren Gloster - ARMS Reliability's VP of International Operations - adds, "We are excited to be part of La Red Confiabilidad and to be collaborating with other industry leaders in Latin America.  Latin America is an important piece of our global business and through this collaboration we look forward to expanding our presence in the region.  We have been supportive of the Certified Reliability Leader™ certification and UPTIME® ELEMENTS™ framework since its introduction and have participated in workshops in North America, United Kingdom, Middle East and Australia.  We look forward to contributing to the network by offering our reliability expertise and solutionsto the innovative La Red Confiabilidad concept."

ARMS Reliability was present during the inaugural La Red Confiabilidad event on March 18th in Lima, Peru. 

La Red_Peru

ARMS Reliability Provides Solutions to SAP EAM Community


SAP Centric EAM_Denver

ARMS Reliability was a proud exhibitor at SAP-Centric EAM Conference on March 7 - 10, 2016 in Denver, Colorado. The SAP-Centric EAM conference is the go-to event for Maintenance and Asset Management executives throughout North America to stay current on forward-thinking strategies, best practices and critical solutions for Enterprise Asset Management (SAP PM).  Our Senior Reliability Engineer, Joel Smeby, led an interactive a workshop titled "Reliability Excellence and SAP EAM." Joel explained how to effectively integrate the latest reliability strategies with a SAP Plant Maintenance / EAM Platform.  Attendees learned how to use SAP and RCM to continually improve maintenance strategies.

It was great to discuss hot topics with asset management executives from a wide-range of industries. We met a large number of executives who were looking for effective ways to reduce maintenance cost and attain a greater ROI on maintenance dollars spent. They were interested to learn more about our software solution which allow reliability engineers to create and deploy the best maintenance strategies to all assets, across their entire operations and provides executives with the ability to benchmark and compare asset cost and performance across an entire organization. Learn More


2015 Key Highlights and Developments



mdrew_180px.jpg2015 has seen challenging business conditions for many companies across mining, oil and gas, and manufacturing. Top of many company's priorities remains cost reduction and getting more production from investments. Vulnerability analysis and risk reduction remains important with some unfortunate reminders of what happens when things go wrong. Along with these challenges industry still seeks innovative solutions to do things better and more effectively.

During the past 12 months we have seen significant interest in organizations working to better leverage their knowledge across the enterprise.  Whilst this is not new, it does appear that more focus and energy is being put into developing processes and using solutions that help their companies leverage their corporate intelligence. Everyone wants to do more with less and ensure that continuous improvement projects that are being completed at one site are being able to be leveraged and help support performance in other locations.

The ARMS Reliability team are excited to be at the forefront of helping companies improve their business through smart, proactive management of their assets, systems, people and business performance.

I would like to thank our customers for their support across 2015. 

Mick Drew, Chairman

A Message From Our CEO JApps-1-049525-edited.jpg

As Chairman Michael Drew described, 2015 was challenging but also busy, productive and exciting for ARMS Reliability. The last quarter has seen all parts of the global business fully engaged with helping businesses realize the best value from their assets and their maintenance management programs.

Our team continues to grow, change and embrace the needs of companies to manage data and activities across the enterprise. Optimizing the use of funds is one of the most important goals our customers are telling us as they enter 2016. The message is the same in Europe, North America, South America, Australia, Middle East and increasingly in Asia. The ARMS Reliability team has evolved to position ourselves at the forefront of standarized of master data for enterprises, optimization of capital investment, eliminating defects and vulnerabilities, and we continue to evolve skill based training methods and certification.

Greg Williams has been appointed our General Manager of Australasia and has a clear focus on delivering value realization services, products and training across the region. Greg's significant experience in power utilities along with delivering consulting services will support our plans for further developing our holistic reliability management solution.

Jason Apps, CEO

Key Highlights in 2015

Enterprise Root Cause Analysis and Defect Elimination Programs
With tighter profit margins and swinging commodity prices Defect Elimination found renewed focus in many client organizations in 2015.

  • Organizations looked to ensure action items were visual and tracked to completion
  • Support their corporate programs with overarching execution plans that governed when and where to carry out investigations
  • Share knowledge and solutions of similar incidents
  • Track ROI and share success

Free eBook | "7 Challenges To Implementing RCA Enterprise-Wide and How To Overcome Them" 

Enterprise Maintenance Strategy Development and Optimization
With growing focus on cost reduction, managing risk and management of change, we saw a growing list of customers who needed an effective way to manage standard maintenance plans across their assets, without the large overhead traditionally required to ensure consistent master data, plans, tasks and documents remained dynamic and a living part of an organizations ongoing continuous improvement efforts. 

Asset Investment Planning and Management
We have seen a growing interest in companies wanting to better optimize their investment decisions and figure out which projects deliver the greatest value. Value based scenario simulation that allows a company to optimize capital programs to meet changing requirements in environment, regulatory, asset aging and profitability targets continues to grow as a key foundation for asset management best practice. Read More 

ARMS Exhibits and Presents at Mexican Congress of Reliability and Maintenance


ARMS recently exhibited and presented at the Mexican Congress of Reliability and Maintenance, October 14th - 15th 2015. Our Latin America Engineering Manager, Santiago Sotuyo, was kept very busy over the course of the conference running two successful presentations and conducting a 2 day Apollo Root Cause Analysis methodology training course during the two days leading up to the conference.

Mexican Congress Presentation

The conference was attended by over 170 people from many different companies and industries. It was great to see some familiar faces including existing ARMS clients and contacts, as well as meeting a significant number of new faces.

Santiago presented a detailed case study on an Apollo Root Cause Analysis methodology investigation he performed with a major company in Argentina, demonstrating the process and the practical application of the Apollo Root Cause Analysis methodology. This presentation proved to be very popular with approximately 75 participants in attendance. Santiago also presented a detailed commercial presentation demonstrating how leveraging Isograph Ltd's Availability Workbench tools can systematically improve plant performance and take an organization from reactive to proactive and preventive maintenance practices. 

To learn more about the sessions Santiago ran, please email Brooks Byrd

ARMS Reliability Presents Interactive Workshop at Mastering EAM with SAP in Melbourne


We are getting ready to exhibit and present at the upcoming Mastering Enterprise Asset Management with SAP Conference; to be held at Crown Promenade, Melbourne on October 25th - 28th. 

ARMS Principal Reliability Engineer, Philip Sage, will be leading a full day interactive workshop on SAP PM and Excellence in Reliability on the final day, the 28th October. This is an interactive workshop discussing how to achieve Excellence in Reliability using SAP PM - what works and what does not work and how to ensure your SAP PM processes integrate and support your reliability program.

Philip will also address the range of Reliability and Excellence initiatives which are needed in a best-in-class asset management system when using SAP PM and will cover how and where the key tools fit together to form an integrated SAP framework, and what is required to make the process work. 

Make sure to come and visit us at booth #3 to check out latest innovations from ARMS Reliability.

ARMS Reliability Delivers Intense Apollo Root Cause Analysis methodology training in China


Three days of intense Apollo Root Cause Analysis methodology instruction in China - focused in the nuclear power industry on root cause analysis of several nuclear reactors and support equipment.

"Delivering Apollo Root Cause Analysis methodology training to a team of reliability professionals who work on nuclear reactor equipment was exciting!" says Philip Sage - Principal Engineer at ARMS Reliability. It's the type of analysis you really need to get correct. The consequences associated with a mistake are - well, very large. It shows the adaptability of the Apollo Root Cause Analysis method to most any situation or system. Over three days, close instruction was delivered in China to the team that learned the Apollo Root Cause Analysis method and then used the method on real applications within the industry.

Philip Training China 

 Philip worked double duty and delivered the course in a mixture of two languages.

The language barrier can present quite a challenge, not everyone can speak and read English at a level needed to deliver a topic in a reasonable amount of time. As a teacher, you have to work extra hard to make sure everyone remains engaged and continues to learn and sometimes you just have to stop and make sure. Being able to discuss portions of the learning in Chinese was just the solution needed.

Recognizing when learning is occurring is different than just delivering a topic.

The ability to recognize when learning starts to take over comes with mastering the teaching of a subject. Learning can only occur if everyone is engaged and language is not a barrier to effective learning. "Speaking a mixture of English with Mandarin Chinese was a lot of fun", says Philip, "and it made the class appealing to the students".  The majority of the students strongly agreed that the material covered in the class was applicable to their position, and that they were learning usable skills and knowledge that they can put into place at work. 

When students were asked - What did you like the most?

The students replied:  "Discussion with the instructor - Philip Sage - Principal Engineer". One sponsor even took the time to write - "About the technical service, we are very satisfied with the teacher's lecture. Philip is a very good teacher." Another student replied, "Very Good - Thanks to our teacher!"

Why was this course so successful?

The course preparations actually began several weeks earlier with a special Weichat group, whose members included Philip Sage, the students, and their supervision. Weichat is a widely popular mobile phone application used in China. Weichat conversations ranged in type and covered various subjects. Access to pre-learning material was distributed, and specific questions were answered allowing students to prepare for the training in advance of the course.

Isograph's Availability Workbench™ 3.0 Released


Version 3.0 represents a major new development of Isograph Ltd's widely used Availability Workbench™ program, redesigned to incorporate numerous Isograph products into a single powerful integrated environment.

Some of the new improvements in version 3.0 include:

  • 64-Bit
  • SAP Portal is now fully integrated into Isograph's AWB as a module
  • The speed of export to Excel 'no match' has been increased significantly
  • Users may now export to Excel (no match mode) in xlsx format
  • RCMCost spares optimization calculations improved
  • Report viewing improved
  • Users may now create user programmed column reports and user programmed variables in graph reports
  • Updated licensing

Learn more about the new features and improvements in Isograph Ltd's Availability Workbench™ 3.0.

Existing customers who have an annual maintenance license will require a new license code. Please read the full upgrade instructions on how to obtain your new license code. Note, it's strongly advised you read through the full upgrade instructions before updating to V3.0.

Once you have received your new license code, you are able to download the update by going to

If you don't have a current annual maintenance subscription contact us to update your subscription status.



ARMS Reliability Wraps Up another Successful Event on the Gold Coast


Reliability -Summit -2014


October 27-30th, 2014 marked the return of our Reliability Summit, making it one of our most successful yet. The Summit brought together Reliability Engineering and Root Cause Analysis Professionals from all across Australia, from numerous different industries, under the one roof on the Gold Coast at The QT Hotel.


Over the course of the four day, value packed event, Reliability professionals took part in industry conference presentations and workshops, with the unique opportunity to become a Certified Reliability Leader or Certified Maintenance Reliability Professional. Social networking events also meant that the delegates were able to get the "opportunity to network with like-minded people" and discuss similar issues and problems that they are faced with, within the workplace.


The 2 days of workshops were broken down into three interactive skill based workshops - Reliability Leadership, Reliability Fundamentals and Root Cause Analysis. All workshops were well received with special mention to the instructors, who were all rated as knowledgeable, excellent and engaging. The majority of the delegates strongly agreed that the material covered in the workshops was applicable to their position, learning usable skills and knowledge that they can put into place at work.


Highlights of this year's Summit included outstanding presentations from leading industry professionals who are successfully integrating Reliability and Continuous Improvement practices into their organisation. Our key note speaker, Jaco Brand from AngloGold Ashanti Australia Limited, spoke about Leading Reliability Improvement across a Multi-Site Organisation. Brand's excellent presentation was well received by delegates. A key take away from the event was that the interactive presentations and round table discussions were very popular amongst the delegates. They were "well structured," a great way to "enjoy networking" and gave the delegates the opportunity to "see both high level reliability strategies and tools and the benefits to companies."


Key guest speaker, Steven Read from Orica Mining Services,delivered a fantastic roundtable discussion on "The Role of Reliability in a Multi-Site or Multi-Department." All in all, delegates were exposed to over 12 leading industry professionals, taking home some fantastic insights and learnings. They were able to "hear and see the possibilities that reliability initiatives can impact on companies and to see both high level reliability strategies and also tools and enablers that matter; participant company's stories, successes and their journey."


Craig Shelton, ARMS General Manager for Australia rated the Summit a huge success. "The Reliability Summit this year demonstrated the value that people can gain when they connect and share experiences with their peers. It was great to see the engagement and interaction between all the delegates present. The success of the event can be seen in the way that everyone in attendance took the opportunity to contribute, increase their learning and make some great new contacts."


Look out for the return of our annual Reliability Summit in 2015. For expressions of interest, please contact us on (03) 52 555 375 or email

ARMS Reliability App now available for free download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store


ARMS Reliability App now available for free download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

ARMS Reliability CalculatorA convenient and valuable app that provides reliability engineers and planners a functional tool for converting maintenance intervals, and calculating failure rates and downtime.

ARMS Reliability, a leading global provider of reliability engineering services, training and software, has announced its newest technological development and released the ARMS Reliability App, the first of its kind on the market. 

Designed by Reliability Engineers for Reliability Engineers, the app provides users with an easy to use, all in one tool, that saves time and effort by easily converting common maintenance intervals into different types - Anywhere, anytime, all from the convenience of your smart phone.

As well as being a functional tool for reliability engineers and planners, the ARMS Reliability App includes up-to-date information on upcoming reliability events, links to the latest entries in "The Reliability Blog" and access to the locations and contact details of all ARMS Reliabilty offices throughout the world. The app also provides a number of ways to follow current reliabilty engineering news and solutions, with links to all ARMS Reliability social media accounts and websites.

ARMS Reliability APP - conversions"The ARMS Reliability Calculator was designed by our team of senior reliability engineers to give them the ability to quickly and simply perform a variety of calculations they use frequently."explains Adam Brumby, ARMS Reliability Applications Manager and developer of the ARMS Reliability App."Not only is it a convenient tool to have accessible in your pocket via your smart phone, you will have a direct feed on all the latest industry insights, valuable content and event news via the Blog feed and Event news sections."

The ARMS Reliability App - available today,  is free for download and is offered world-wide on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.




ARMS Reliability Introduces Reliability Engineering Expertise to Calgary, Alberta


ARMS Reliability Establishes Commitment to Growing Energy Sector in Canada

CALGARY, AB - June 9, 2014 - ARMS Reliability, a global consulting firm specializing in helping industry get more from their assets, avoid unplanned downtime and reduce operating costs has expanded its global presence by opening of a new office in Calgary, Alberta.

Canada is a very important market for ARMS Reliability due to the rapidly growing energy sector.  Alberta owns over 80% of the country's energy resources which are the backbone of the provincial economy and a vital element of Canada's economy.

"The new Calgary office continues our global commitment to Reliability.  The Alberta market represents an important cornerstone for many of our multinational clients and we are committed to offering our services through local support," says, Michael Drew, ARMS Reliability CEO.  "We have had tremendous success over the past 20 years and we continue to see potential for additional growth in Canada," notes Drew. "The new office in Calgary allows us to continue to accommodate the growing Oil & Gas industry, serve the Canadian market and provide a new level of service that ARMS Reliability is known for in the global market."

ARMS Reliability has deep experience across a wide variety of industries, including mining, oil and gas, water utilities, power generation (hydro, coal fired generation, gas, wind generation), power distribution, manufacturing, rail, and communications. The company has offices in 5 continents serving major corporations with worldwide operations.


ARMS Reliability Address:
Sun Life Plaza West Tower
144 4 Avenue SW, Suite 2700
Calgary, AB, Canada
T2P 3N4

To get all the latest news, information and product updates visit or follow us on Twitter @armsreliability.

About ARMS Reliability 

Since 1995, ARMS Reliability has been at the forefront of proactive asset management strategies for a host of blue chip companies around the world.  These companies have entrusted ARMS Reliability with delivering business goals through effective asset management and improvements in operational productivity. With offices in North America, Latin America, Europe, Australia and South Africa,   ARMS Reliability has experience across a wide variety of industries, including mining, oil and gas, water utilities, power generation (hydro, coal fired generation, gas, wind generation), power distribution, manufacturing, rail, communications, and safety systems.

For further information, please contact:

Darren Gloster, VP of International Operations
ARMS Reliability Office: +1.512.795.5291

ARMS Reliability and Copperleaf join forces to deliver leading AIP solutions in Australia and New Zealand


Copperleaf -logo

Vancouver, March, 2014: ARMS Reliability (ARMS) and Copperleaf Technologies are partnering to deliver asset Intensive Industries in the Australian and New Zealand Markets with cutting edge solutions in the area of Asset Investment Planning and Management (AIPM).  Under this partnership Agreement, ARMS Reliability with act as the distributor for Copperleaf's AIPM solution, named C55.  ARMS will provide implementation services and on-going support for the C55 Product in the ANZ region.  Headquartered in Ocean Grove, Australia, ARMS is a highly respected and well established organization that delivers Asset Management and Reliability solutions and services today across the globe. 

ARMS Reliability Chief Operations Officer Jason Apps comments;"ARMS Reliability is excited to be working closely with Copperleaf to bring this solution to the Australian Market.  The C55 solution from Copperleaf naturally compliments ARMS current services and solutions and allows ARMS Reliability to bring even more value to our customers in the ANZ region".

Copperleaf Director of Partner Development & Vice President of Marketing Barry Quart adds: "Utilities and Asset Intensive industries in the Australian Market are rapidly adopting best practices in Asset Management and will quickly recognize the value they can derive from an Asset Investment Planning and Management solution.  We are extremely excited to partner with such a well-respected organization with a strong presence in this key market."

About Copperleaf Technologies:

Vancouver-based Copperleaf helps asset-intensive organizations re-think the traditional approach to capital planning, asset life-cycle planning, and budgeting. We pioneered C55 to help organizations integrate planning, analysis, approval, and execution so that they can make asset investment decisions that are effective, transparent, and focused on the long-term performance of the organization. Since 2000, we have been empowering utilities and other asset intensive organizations to make decisions with greater confidence.

 For further information, please contact:

Copperleaf Technologies Inc.
Office: +1.604.639.9700
Email:  Media Relations



ARMS Reliability Launches New Suite of Reliability Training Catalogues


Email -header -training


ARMS Reliability, a Global Reliability service and training provider to resource, energy and other large asset managers, announced the launch of their Reliability Training Catalogue for 2014 which now incorporates learning paths from Innocence to Excellence. 

The catalogues feature learning pathways in 5 defined steps in each of four main subject areas; Root Cause Analysis (RCA), Reliability Skills, Availability WorkbenchTM (AWB) and Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM).

Each level builds a skills pathway to enable participants to understand the concepts and practical application skills from introduction to the topic to mastery.  The Innocence to Expert journey caters for all needs - and every entry point to the Reliability journey, whether at a graduate or management level.  Each course has been designed with practical implementation in mind, to prepare participants to execute a range of reliability initiatives into their organization with ease and confidence.

According to ARMS CEO, Michael Drew, 'It is very satisfying to take both newcomers and experienced stalwarts on this journey and see them become champions of reliability within their organisations".

All of ARMS Reliability training courses are available for delivery at a company's site and in public forums throughout the world.

Practical Maintenance Strategy Design for Capital Expansions


Antonie Jacobs, Senior Reliability Engineer, was recently published in the AMMJ  September 2013 issue. As well as providing readers with a practical guide to getting a 'ready for implementation' Maintenance Strategy in Capital Equipment Projects, the article details four steps that should form part of a project schedule.

Click here to download this article


Landmark product release puts users of Isograph's Availability Workbench™ just one click away from saving even more time, energy and cost in their asset management and maintenance programs.


Reliability -integration -tool

Global Reliability and Asset Management consulting firm, ARMS Reliability has released the Reliability Integration Tool - a powerful new software tool with global application in the resource, utilities, power and transport industries.

The Reliability Integration Tool™ equips reliability engineers and asset managers with the power to seamlessly upload and download data between Isograph's Availability Workbench and their CMMS system.


Faster and easier than ever before, they can:

  • import legacy data into Isograph's Availability Workbench™ models
  • create compliant task instruction documents to company templates from optimized strategies
  • create load documents specific to CMMS including SAP, Maximo, Ellipse and Oracle.

ARMS Reliability Technical Director, Jason Apps led the development of the new tool.

"Time-consuming, repetitive tasks were preventing our clients from implementing many of the outcomes of maintenance studies. We designed this tool to reduce months of effort into hours," Apps explained. "It builds a bridge between a company's approved maintenance strategy and producing the maintenance plans with necessary task instruction documents … all with a couple of mouse-clicks."

According to ARMS Reliability CEO Michael Drew, "A big user advantage of this tool is the ability to create task instruction documents in a consistent format in a fraction of the time taken with traditional methods. It improves the accuracy of finished documents, and is a real benefit in capturing a local work team's knowledge and leveraging it across the enterprise."

The Reliability Integration Tool™ is customised to each company's specific requirements to optimise how they implement reliability studies.


Find out more about the RIT here

Early planning promises myriad benefits for BHP Billiton's Jansen potash project


Jansen _projectA case study of the work we have completed with BHP Billiton Jansen was recently published in the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metalurgy and Petroleum

To read the full article please download it here 

BHP Billiton has engaged consulting firm ARMS Reliability to perform early asset reliability analyses for its Jansen project, situated 140 kilometres east of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

BHP Billiton is not taking any chances with maintenance planning on what could become one of the world's premier potash mines. Tens of millions of dollars are at stake in potential unforeseen parts, labour costs and lost productivity over the life of the site. To minimize its maintenance risk, increase cost planning certainty and test processes and equipment before they become entrenched.

Maintenance Strategies and RAMS Analysis: Starting early saves time and money for AngloGold Ashanti


To cope with the expected in-flux of raw materials, Tropicana's processing plant will process 5.8 million tonnes of fresh ore per annum. Its comminution circuit comprises of two-stage crushing, high pressure grinding rolls and ball milling, followed by a carbonin- leach circuit for gold recovery.

Tropicana boasts a gold-standard setup that needs a premium maintenance plan - which is why ARMS Reliability was brought in. The ARMS Reliability team developed maintenance strategies for more than 300 assets, with full RCM studies and a live RCM model implemented for each to enable ongoing updates and continuous improvement.

By getting in early with the maintenance strategies - that is, before production kicked off - AngloGold Ashanti has avoided huge potential delays and costs down the track.

Download Full Case Study here